Essay on Analysis Of The New York Times By Jennine Capo Crucet

Essay on Analysis Of The New York Times By Jennine Capo Crucet

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In the August 22, 2015 edition of the New York Times by Jennine Capo Crucet wrote an article titled “Taking My Parents to College.” Crucet was born in America, while her parents were born Cuba. Crucet and her family all took a trip to Cornell University in Ithaca, New York from Miami Florida to attend Orientation. She talks about her own personal story about the time she took her parents to college. Throughout the article she talked about the things that let you know she was a first generation college student. Although Crucets parents did not know they were supposed to leave right after orientation Crucet, still did not want them to leave her.
Crucet talks about everything that happened to her during orientation. Crucet nor her family had ever been to a student orientation before. They were sitting at orientation when they heard the words, “Now parents, Please: Go!” they were confused. It did not occur to them that they were supposed to leave at that exact moment. I put myself in her shoes and if that was me I would have been rushing my parents off so I could have my freedom. That would have never happen to me because my mother knew what to do. She already knew what orientation was and what it was going to consist of. I feel like it supports Crucets purpose because it let the readers know that her parents were just as confused as she was about the whole situation.
Paragraph 5 really caught my attention because Crucet explains the extra things she did not know she needed for college. I thought it was silly because I feel like regardless if you are the first generation college student, you should still know you need sheets for your bed. This is what Crucet said about the things she did not know about, “For...

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...or “I cannot help you with this.” Crucet finally got through the paper by herself. According to Crucet “She did o.k. on it, earning a B-/C.”
Although Crucet did not know much about college she did not let that get in the way of her going. She had an attachment to her parents at first but she learned how to get through that day by day. She thought she had made a terrible choice by going to college but it all turned out great. She got through the first week of school and things started to settle in from there. Being first generation college student not knowing anything at all I know cannot be easy but she got through it. I really enjoyed this article because it was something I have never heard before. You hear people being first generation college student a lot but you never get to hear their story. It was very interesting to read and learn about Crucets experiences.

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