Analysis of The New Santa Clara’s NFL Stadium Essay

Analysis of The New Santa Clara’s NFL Stadium Essay

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The new Santa Clara’s NFL Stadium deserves the attention it has been getting from the media. The Santa Clara’s Stadium is being built as a Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design Certified Stadium. The 49er stadium will have bike parking, wireless Internet capability, and environmentally friendly, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Certified design (KTVU-New 49ers Stadium). The Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design stands for LEED. LEED began in 1993. LEED was created for various reasons. It was created to define green building by establishing a common standard of measurement, promote integrated, whole-building design practices, recognize environmental leadership in the building industry, stimulate green competition, raise consumer awareness of green building benefits, and transform the building market (The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)). Overall, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design was designed to do these things and to be a tool for measurement.
LEED has the structure for the owners and constructors of the building for executing assessable green building design, construction, and operations. The LEED rating system is how the LEED is measured (USGBC- About LEED). There is some prerequisite for being apart of the LEED. The required element is the strategies of the green building that must be included in any LEED certified project. The credits are called optional elements. These are strategies that the project can gain points toward the LEED certification. There are five categories. The first category is Building Design + Construction which includes Core & Shell, Warehouses & Distribution Centers, New Construction, Hospitality, Retail, Data Centers, Healthcare, and Schools. T...

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