Analysis Of ' The Name ' Princess ' Essay

Analysis Of ' The Name ' Princess ' Essay

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The name Sara actually means “princess” in Hebrew. I am personally anything but a princess. The image of a Princess is strong, and proud, while I am the opposite. Being strong is not one of my traits as a person. I’d like to say that my personal traits are somewhere around Creative, Self-Critical, and Relaxed. Princesses are beautiful, while I am as plain as the Texan landscape. My brown hair and eyes match my slightly tan skin, and makes me more closely related to my father’s Hispanic side than my mother’s blond-haired blue eyes family lineage. I find hot tea, anime, and books more interesting than any new MTV show and while pop music is in, I’ve found that the band Queen will always have a special place in my heart. I am not a good public speaker, as I speak in paintings and drawings more defiantly. I have made it a habit to be as polite and cheap as I can, habits that I am lucky I have obtained. I am currently in the beta club, and vice-president of the art club. My free time is occupied mostly by my part time job at Subway that I have had since the day after I turned sixteen. Some may refer to me as a goody-two shoe, but in all honestly, I am happy with just being me. As a senior in high school, I have only begun my college experience with two college semesters taken and am currently striving to enroll in Angelina, and later transfer to a larger college. I am rather nervous about college itself, but often I find myself with the excitement to learn new things. My future goals as of today are to be a great big sister to my sibling(s) on the way, have a piece of my art displayed in a gallery, learn Japanese, and finish college with my chosen career degree.
It is understood that the Government courses will be graded regarding th...

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...enefits both the teacher and student alike. The signer of this contract understands that by taking the course Government 1302 he/she will hereby abide by the rules stated in this contract. The student understands the benefit of the rules as well as understands that he/she will commit himself/herself fully to learning from the course. The college courses he/she is now taking are no one else’s responsibilities except his/her own, the ups and downs, successes and failures are all their own to bear. These rules will help me apply all that I have, and will learn, into everything that I do, not only as a student but as a citizen as well. By signing this contract I agree to follow all of the stated rules, responsibilities, and promise to take full advantage of my education that I am given. I will always strive for more, and I believe these rules will help me do just that.

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