Analysis Of The Movie ' White Album 2 ' Essay

Analysis Of The Movie ' White Album 2 ' Essay

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Although White Album 2 has a decent amount of side characters, the majority of its plot points and scenes involve the three main characters: Haruki, Kazusa, and Setsuna.

Haruki Kitahara is the main protagonist. He 's very direct as far as what his intentions and thoughts are, never tarrying when it comes to the various articulations that he emits. He is also very decisive when it comes to his views and ideals. He makes sure everyone else knows exactly why he did or said something, if they should dare to question his logic. But this does not mean he is overconfident or thinks that he is incapable of fault. Haruki never places himself on a pedestal above everyone else, despite his dignified and well-formulated nature, and will always submit to the criticisms of others, no matter how rashly such criticisms are presented.

His highly complacent attitude often leads to problems. Although he generally is very blunt, his desire to be humble and respected can come in the way of him expressing words that are essential to the avoidance of a conflict. This is his major character flaw. His quick manner of handling things becomes recessive when he is dealing with something that he has emotionally invested himself in, meaning that his usual persona is a bit of a facade.

Setsuna Ogiso is presented as a sort of "popular girl." The other characters have a difficult time holding her in a high regard because of this, since they 've come to pair popularity with arrogance, which is an understandable assumption. The only character who seems to be aware of her true nature from the beginning is Haruki, most likely due to his intuitive deductions. The reason for Setsuna 's "high-class" or gaudy appearance is not because she is a histrionic, but rather b...

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...en 't any major shortcomings with the sound or voice quality as far as I 'm concerned, since I don 't know Japanese very well.

White Album 2 is nearly flawless. It has a simple story and characters, but it manages to flesh itself out enough in order to remain intriguing at nearly every moment. Its characters and character interactions have an enormous amount of detail placed into them, and this is all thanks to the fact of it not having a large cast strewn unevenly over all 13 episodes. It also throws around a few ideas concerning human interaction and the like, which is also a plus. The animation and sound factors almost never fail to meet the standard either, and the music deserves additional attention. White Album 2 is highly remarkable in its presentation and substance, and fans of drama and romance would be doing themselves a massive disservice by not seeing it.

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