Analysis Of The Movie ' Wall Street ' Essay example

Analysis Of The Movie ' Wall Street ' Essay example

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Wall Street
I made the fourth option and watched the Wall Street movie. Oliver Stone directed this movie in 1987. The movie talks about the big business world and Wall Street. The two main characters in the movie were Charlie Sheen, named Bud Fox and he is a new stockbroker who wanted to be rich, and Michael Douglas, named Gordon Gekko who works as a banker, real estate agent, and manager of Wall Street. Gekko character was a man who will do anything to make money, even if it requires break the laws. Both Gekko and Bud were at the second stage of Kohlberg’s. Another character in the movie, Carl Fox, acted by Martin Sheen, who is Bud’s father, and he was always telling Bud about the ethical and moral role in being successful and happy in life. Carl was at stage six of Kohlberg.
Describing the business world at that time, especially the brokerage companies, were very bad with many disadvantages in the movie. The actors were represented as greedy and cocky and all they care about is collecting more money. In addition, this money was spent on their benefits only by owing big homes, drugs, and prostitution. As an example for that, Bud gave

Gekko information about the Blue Star Airlines, which would make Gekko gains a lot of illegal money when he will trade them.
Business at that time has many morals issues. Most of these issues in the movie were made by Bud to achieve his wealth, even with his knowing that is not right. In one scene, he was in his balcony thinking about the mistakes that he made. Bud was giving information about corporate activities to Gekko, who rewards him with a lot of money for that.
The business had morals dilemmas, and they especially appeared in three events 1- Bu...

... middle of paper ...

...orld has many issues and having money was the main goal for everyone who works there. And poor people were the only victims. The result of that greediness was the major crash the almost destroy the U.S economy, as people lost their job and had no money to live. However, having people like Reagan, who was called from climbing the hill again and overcome the issues. The U.S was able to wake up again to have a new fresh morning.
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