Essay about Analysis Of The Movie ' Twelve Years ' A Slave '

Essay about Analysis Of The Movie ' Twelve Years ' A Slave '

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Twelve Years a slave tells the story a free African America man who was kidnaped and sold as a slave. Throughout the twelve years that Solomon we got a first look of what being a slave might have looked like and the horrors that came with that station in society. Through the film there is a structure of a hierarchy and the white man is the leader and the rest are left to his mercy. The film shows there are consequence that there are for being an African and being a woman, especially a woman that was a slave. This essay will show the hierarchy in the slavery system by analyzing the film in a deeper level.
When talking about slavery many chose to overlook or ignore the chilling experiences that African American faced, in particular African American women. At the top of the hierarchy, the master was in charge, the master was typically a white man. Women in general were considered property but at the end of that hierarchy were African American women. African American women were constantly in fear of being raped. In the hierarchy with the master being at the top African American women who were slaves were at the bottom. There were no laws in protecting African American women from their master; these women were left at the mercy of their master. Laws were actually created to protect slave owners and to encourage them to rape these women . These women who were targeted by their masters were treated much harsher than any other people.
There were many women who were targeted and abused by their owners and in this film we are introduced to two of them. When Solomon is first kidnaped he spends time in a cage with a woman and her two children one of her children was a child who she had with her former master. Although it seemed as if she ...

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...around without having any consequences. Regardless of the fact that she is a cruel woman she is a woman and regardless or race women were considered property and did not have power or rights. Epps wife is merely using what little power she has to push around another individual.
Twelve years a slave tells the story of slavery from the viewpoint of those who were the ones that suffered the most. It is undoubtedly true that a hierarchy exist and two things were made clear that the white master is in charge and on top and at the bottom are African American women who are left at the mercy of a their owners to do as they please. African American women were abused in so many ways not only did they have to work in he fields all day they were constantly threatened with rape, physical punishment, psychological punishment and at times had their children taken away from them.

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