Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Tristan '

Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Tristan '

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He stared at me for a minute and then his head dropped. He leaned back against the door and kicked it with his boot as he let a few obscenities fly. When he raised his head, his eyes glowed.
I flinched and almost turned away, my earlier fear that he might put some spell on me, rearing its ugly head. But I knew him better than that. I reached for his hand. “Tristan, I want nothing more than to go with you, to help Pikipsi and your people. I would love to never see Eva again, for as long as I live, but not like this. Not today.”
He nodded and pulled me from the truck. He shut the door and then started back toward Sarah’s house. I followed him, unsure of what to say. I hated to see him this way, but I knew what Eva was capable of, too.
As we came around the corner, Alex was backing out of his driveway. He rolled down his window. His bushy red eyebrows pulled down over his eyes. “Everything okay?”
My heart picked up. What would he think we were doing? Worse, what would he tell Eva? Alex might know about Jaden and Sarah. That didn’t mean he wouldn’t tell Eva he’d caught me kissing Tristan last night, or that he’d seen us coming from the opposite direction of where we should’ve been going.
If Eva ever found out Tristan and I had feelings for each other, or God’s forbid, that we believed we were destined to be together because of my lullaby, I’d have to worry about more than never seeing Tristan again. I’d become a permanent resident of the Reserve. I shuddered and pulled his flannel tighter around my neck. His masculine scent shot into my nose and I melted just a little. Alex’s eyebrows came down a little further. The stupid expression I must have had on my face was replaced with an exaggerated smile and nod. He must think I’m men...

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...istan let go of my hand. He waved at Alex as he came around the corner and pulled into a small parking lot. I realized we were in front of Stella’s Café.
Tristan opened the front door. A waitress greeted us. She led me and Tristan to a big booth in the corner where Jaden and Sarah sat.
“Hey guys. Took you long enough.” Sarah giggled.
Jaden wrapped his arms around her and smiled up at us.
Hmm, maybe Jaden doesn’t hate me. I scooted in next to Sarah, but Tristan waited for Alex and Eva. Alex sat next to Jaden
Eva waved her hand. “Sit Tristan. I don’t scoot.”
Tristan scooted in next to me. He sat close enough that I could feel his warmth and before long my nose unfroze and my toes began to thaw. Eva and Alex had a deep discussion on animal cruelty, while Jaden and Sarah whispered and giggled at each other. Tristan and I, afraid to draw attention, sat silent.

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