Analysis Of The Movie ' Tower Heist ' Essay

Analysis Of The Movie ' Tower Heist ' Essay

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Tower Heist Movie Critique
The movie “Tower Heist”, which was directed by Brett Ratner, is about a man named Josh Kovaks who managed one of New York City 's most luxurious residencies. Josh and a few of his co-workers invested in Arthur Shaw (a man who lived in the same residence)’s business. However, Shaw stole more than $2 billion from his investors, which made Josh extremely angry. Therefore, Josh decided to break into Shaw’s residence (with the help of a robber named Slide) to retrieve the money that Shaw stole from him and his co-workers. Although this movie is very entertaining, action-filled, and funny, this movie also contains many sociological concepts that we discussed in class. In the movie “Tower Heist”, concepts such as the Asch Experiment, social stratification, stereotypes, social control, and white-collar crime are very prevalent.
In the movie “Tower Heist”, some of the ideas from the Asch Experiment were validated. The Asch Experiment, which was carried out by Solomon Asch in the 1950s, was an experiment that was designed to test how peer pressure would influence the conformity of an individual or group. One of the results of the many subparts of the Asch Experiment was that people will not always submit to a person in authority if they are ordered to perform tasks against their best judgment. In this movie, Charlie demonstrated this concept very well. At first, Charlie was going to help Josh and his accomplices break into Shaw’s apartment and take his money. However, after he took some time to think about the potential consequences of his actions, Charlie decided not to help Josh. Even though Josh was the authoritative figure and the mastermind of the plan, Charlie knew that stealing was not the right thing to...

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...d by business professionals. White-collar crime is typically non-violent and is a crime that is committed by a person of high social status. The crime that Josh and his co-workers committed was a white-collar crime because Josh was a business professional of high social status. Also, the reason that they broke into Shaw’s apartment was so that they could steal his money. Therefore, this crime was financially motivated, committed by a person of high social status, and committed by a business professional.
The Asch Experiment, social stratification, stereotypes, social control, and white-collar crime were all sociological concepts that we learned about and discussed in class that were prevalent in the movie “Tower Heist”. All in all, even though this movie was very funny and enjoyable, this movie was also very informative and useful in practicing sociological analysis.

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