Analysis Of The Movie ' The Wiz Live ' Essay

Analysis Of The Movie ' The Wiz Live ' Essay

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The Wiz live was performed on NBC during December 3, 2015. The film was adapted from the original film in 1975 Broadway musical, The Wizard of Oz. The Wiz live played off the story of a young girl by the name of Dorothy, who is teased by her aunt Em at the age of 24. While eating lunch, Dorothy’s dog, Toto runs away and gets caught in a bad storm. Dorothy runs after Toto and successfully gets him, but finds herself trapped in a twister of snow. Dorothy is soon introduced to Glinda, the Good Witch of the South, who takes her into the realm of the oz. In being transported to the realm of oz, Dorothy smashes through a sky sign killing Evermean, the Wicked Witch of the East. Dorothy manages to free all the Munchkins who ruled the playground and finds herself face to face with the Good Witch of the North, who is the munchkin’s main benefactress. At this moment, Dorothy is presented with a pretty set of silver slippers, but declines due to her just wanting to go back home. The story then continues on as the Good Witch of the North urges her to follow the yellow brick road down to Emerald City to get help from the mysterious wizard who is believed to the hold the power to send Dorothy back home.
This modern day film brought out the jazzy sing along vibe down a yellow brick road with an all African American cast. Starring in the film were big time nominee and winners in the world that included Elijah Kelley, Uzo Aduba, singer Common, writer/singer Mary J Blige and Ne-Yo, rapper Queen Latifah, and supporting actresses Amber Riley, Shanice Williams, Stephanie Mills, and Uzo Aduba. The main dancers were Amber Riley (Addaperle), Shanice Williams (Dorothy), Ne-Yo (Tin Man), and David Grier (Cowardly Lion). All the choreography and movements w...

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...ancers because I never witnessed any of the sweat or get tired during the performance. The film aired for three hours, which for non dancers or professionals, is a very long time. However, the musical theatre was filled with ambition and the excitement of the cast while on stage will never be forgotten.
Overall, I was impressed with the film because I felt like the incorporation of today’s dances made the Broadway show different from the original wiz film. I loved all the dancers and I enjoyed how well each of them could sing. Throughout a few of the pieces, I could see some of the jazz turns that we do today in the studio and how they had to work to achieve them. I also liked the fact the cast were all African American because it brought a different culture on stage than that of the 1975 film. The Wiz live is most definitely a show that I would watch all over again.

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