Analysis Of The Movie ' The War ' Fury ' Essay

Analysis Of The Movie ' The War ' Fury ' Essay

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An Innocent Archetype
War brings out the worst in men; soldiers can only stay innocent for so long until they have to survive the new blood and gore clouded world they’re thrown into. Norman Ellison, portrayed by Logan Lerman in the war movie Fury, is a perfect example of crumbling innocence as he’s forced to kill to live another day. As a young innocent new recruit, who has only been in the war for eight weeks, and trained as a typist, Ellison can 't fathom the fact that he is actually on the front lines in the war against the Nazi 's. With little firearm experience in his life and refusal to kill another human being, Ellison remains under the belief that he is not a killer and that there is still good in everyone. Facing all kinds of ugly moral questioning throughout the movie, as an inexperienced man who holds high on his moral ground and strong ethics in order to remain a character of an innocent archetype we see Ellison struggle to keep all of that.
Right away Ellison showed he didn’t belong in the war. The opening scene shows private Norman Ellison was pulled off his transport vehicle last second and sent to the front in the 2nd Armored Division to replace a fallen soldier of the “Fury” tanks crew. Reporting to his new sergeant, Collie, who wasn’t thrilled to have a newbie on his crew, he ordered Ellison to swab out the remains of the dead body from the inside of the tank. Taken back by the sight of the tanks gruesome inside, Ellison began to clean his new station. Not far into his job, he noticed the blown off face of the previous gunner by his side. Nauseated upon sight, Ellison violently threw up. Stunned and bewildered by his first encounter of what the war can do to a man, it left him almost positive that there was ...

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...yes of a once innocent man. This broke all Ellison had ever believed in and he didn’t even do it in his own free will, he would have rather died than to kill that man.
When untrained Norman Ellison gets assigned to the Fury team he struggles with the brutal nature of what they do. After several battles, he 's forced to transform into the same men as he sees among his team. Full of fury and out for blood. He is no longer the innocent young typist that entered the war. The moral ground and strong ethics he once held dear, were now buried deep within him. Private Ellison was pushed to do the things he didn’t find ethical and was taught not to show mercy towards his enemies. War broke the innocence he once had through soul-crushing battles. His crew infected him with their madness in order to make him the killer he needed to be, so he’d survive, so they’d all survive.

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