Analysis Of The Movie ' The Walking Dead ' Essay

Analysis Of The Movie ' The Walking Dead ' Essay

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In America, television producers greatly enjoy creating thriller and suspenseful shows that will have their audience off their seats wondering what will happen next. The television show The Walking Dead is a perfect example of that. The Walking Dead is a television series that follows the story of an infectious disease that began to spread all around the world killing many people, but surprisingly they become a killer zombie when they awaken again. The main protagonist of the film is Rick Grimes, a police officer who has been shot and was sent to hospital before the disease came about into the world. Rick awakens from the hospital only to realize that that he is in a world that is not like he has ever seen. As soon as Rick leaves the hospital his moral and ethics are continuing to be pushed by a life full of zombies. Throughout the film, Rick is constantly seen with his police uniform on even though the world is going through a zombie apocalypse. When Rick passes his hat to his son, Carl and no longer wears his police uniform that indicates the police man role does not exists anymore. The uniform in a way symbolized authority over the group and was also a cue for whoever ran into him that he was benevolent and on the side of order. While The Walking Dead is a zombie killing series it is strongly centered on old humanity is gone and the new life has to come because of the change in law enforcement.
Rick giving his hat to Carl solidifies his transition from law enforcement to a man who is just trying to help his group survive. This strengthens the plot of society being built around high ranks to being shattered because an infectious disease. Rick started out as classical good guy who upheld traditional values, but later changed al...

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...gnifies that not every police officer upholds the justice system, therefore, the law and order that society has built is no longer in place.
In The Walking Dead different styles of policing is exhibited - the peacekeeper or the crime fighter. By Rick retaining his uniform after the traditional values have erased from society, he adopts not only the role of a guardian, but also the authority of traditional values. He adopts a more supportive role using his policing methods from the old world within the community, while others now have a zero tolerance approach. The plot to survive is ongoing to the people who are left in society and their struggle to re-construct something what looks like it has social order in the world that is ruled by zombies. The zombies have forced society to transform into a life without rules, thus causing human progress to come inescapable.

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