Analysis Of The Movie ' The Stonewall Uprising ' Essay

Analysis Of The Movie ' The Stonewall Uprising ' Essay

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Contamination has swarmed across America readying the evil that controls the fear in the citizens of the United States. Fear is one of the most powerful forces that can be controlled through propaganda, a difference in sexual orientation can be twisted into an infectious evil plaguing Americans and ruining the American way. The fear is split into two groups the public fear along with the people who create laws and the people who are gay and would go to the Stonewall bar. The movie The Stonewall Uprising evil is represented through the representation of contamination through enthralling our children into becoming homosexuals and lesbians, the older men preying on the young boys and turning them gay, patriarchy the idea of order and disorder and striking fear and causing riots and destruction also disruption of order can be seen as evil. However, we must discuss who creates order and who causes the disorder and fear causing people to feel unsafe or uneasy in their own place; so unheimlich the uneasiness of something lurking and watching you, much like the police, or using media and mutilation to change a person’s way of life. Evil is causing fear in the unknown. The evil that can be found in this documentary is propaganda of the government saying derogatory things about homosexual people. Being a homosexual man and woman was viewed as an illness and it was considered something that had to be fixed, that these people were no longer viewed as people. America in the 1960’s was the dark ages of homosexuality where there is no primal boundary or no absolute protection. Nothing is safe and nothing is sacred. Through American media and power had turned people who labeled themselves as homosexual were turned into these monsters that propaga...

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...e they enjoyed experimenting on people much like Nazi Germany, after the liberation of the Stonewall bar they have their first March and they had fear of people chasing them but had really had their freedom back as American citizens. Their war had subsided and allowed the gay people of American to become human beings again and not live in a state of constant fear. In every gay pride parade every year, stonewall lives on because they are showing we are still here and we fought for this right (Stonewall Uprising, 1:03. One interviewee does not refer to it as gay rights, he says human rights (Stonewall Uprising, 1:12:35). Yet another way we label things, just because someone is gay does not make them any less human, one man say they saw us as homosexual monsters when in reality they were innocent and very American because they were standing up for what they believe in.

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