Analysis Of The Movie ' The Silent Sufferer ' Essay

Analysis Of The Movie ' The Silent Sufferer ' Essay

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Shagun denies to be the silent sufferer, submitting herself to her fate and compromise any more. Instead of it, she rebels to get, what she wants. The relation between husband and wife becomes more strained day by day. Raman becomes suspicious about Shagun and he hired a detective to learn about her. When he learns about his wife’s infidelity, he became too depressed to control himself. He could not help ruminating that, “No protest, however strong, could get back the security he had lost. He remained bent over his desk simulating work, as the office slowly emptied” (Kapur 88).
Shagun tells her mother about her affair with Ashok Khanna and requests her to keep mum and not to tell things to Raman. Her mother was traditional woman and she likes Raman and does not want her daughter to cheat her husband. Her mother asks her to correct her behavior with her husband, but Shagun is not ready to waste more time on her husband, as she is interested in Ashok. She feels Ashok is the only man who could give her dreamed life. She even thinks that she has wasted eleven years of her life with Raman. She is fed up with doing household duties, being ideal for everyone. She wants something more from her life that she thinks only Ashok can give. Her mother suggests her to go for holidays, and spend time with Raman in order to make their relation good. However, it irritates Shagun and she rejects the idea. Kapur explores her distress in the following conversation between mother and daughter:
“A Holiday? Are you mad? Why?”
“It will good for you two”
“Who is you two?”
“What kind of question is this? You and Raman---who else? I will keep children”
“Did Raman tell you to ask?”
“Then ?”
Her mother watched her lip curl, and then burst out with, “I ...

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...rves in his book Status of Women in Contemporary World:
Any woman who has broken away from the tethering of normal domestic life becomes liberal in her attitude to sexual freedom. She realizes there cannot be different standards for man and for woman. Sexual freedom is more often approved by emancipated women belonging to the progressive younger group by woman unhappy in marriage, sexually frustrated, widowed, or separated. (Tandon 165)
The concept of Individualism promotes one’s goals and desires. Shagun too thinks only about her own happiness and fulfillments in life. She gets all, what she wants in the company of Ashok. Here, her identity as a wife becomes fractured due to her infidelity. She could not provide attention and care towards her children and fails to be an ideal mother. Here her identity as a mother gets fractured. However, she never bothered about it.

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