Analysis Of The Movie ' The Sesame Street ' Essay

Analysis Of The Movie ' The Sesame Street ' Essay

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I found this video funny, entertaining, and engaging. The clip start off with John Oliver saying how the United State have over two million prisoners which is more than the prison population of China, saying that American prisons are broken. According to China, it has one of the highest population in American and most of our products and goods are made from China. With the United State having more prisoners than China, it just make the United State look pathetic. John entertain viewers by using funny scenario that are related to prison, scene from movie,s and kids shows such as the sesame street; which include singing and dancing. From the video Prison Last Week Tonight clip, the scenario that I found that was the most entertaining and funny was when the solitary confinement asked the director of prison about how big is a jail cell. He was the director, but he was stuttering and it took him a long time to answer the question. At the same thing John was funny but he also use inappropriate words in parts of the clip.
According to John Oliver’s discusses about prison I agreed that the Americans prison are broken due the high prison population and poor health care system. I totally agreed with John because from what I see in the world right now, the world is getting more and more corrupted; not just adults are doing drugs and committing crimes but also young teenagers. According to an online article Mass Incarceration: The Whole Pie 2016 written by Peter Wagner, from the prison data of 2016, Wagner states that “ almost half a million people are locked up because of a drug offense”. Therefore , due drug offense in the United State, that’s why the prison population in the United State is so high. As for poor health care system, in the ...

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...dings and apply it to our lives. Depends on how we were raised and where we came from, that’s what makes us who they are. For example, if minors grew up in a ghetto neighborhood where gangs are everywhere, most likely the kids that live in that neighborhood will be more violent and aggressive than kids that lives in nice big rich houses as they grow up. Although this is true, there are minors who live in the ghetto neighbor tha end up to be great leaders and wealthy as they grow up because they have suffered enough and want to change their lives, but the percentage of this happening is very low. The reason is, to cope teenagers have to steal and sell drugs.Without having the money that they needed in life, it lead teenagers to do crime which eventually leads themselves to prison. That’s is how the Americans got the highest prison population, even more than China.

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