Analysis Of The Movie ' The 's ' Shake Your Tassels ' Essay

Analysis Of The Movie ' The 's ' Shake Your Tassels ' Essay

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Burlesque is its inception was a radical form of theatrical performance art and "the performances included a ' chaotic and nebulous combination of dancing, singing, minstrelsy (black face), witty repartee, political commentary, parodies of plays and scant clothing ' as well as cross dressing and comedy." (Nally, 2009) When you hear burlesque now the first thing that probably comes to mind is Dita Von Teese. The black hair, fair skin, sultry yet flirtatious aura, the 50s pin-up style that makes you wonder whether or not she’s found a time machine. The second thing to come to mind are slim women who make big bucks working in Vegas or other big metropolitan cities giving shows that sell out. For quite a few individuals unfamiliar with burlesque they could quite easily translate it as a less risqué, much classier form of stripping that doesn’t include nudity. As Andreanna Ditton says in her piece “Shake Your Tassels! Burlesque Goes Delightfully Mainstream”, burlesque is the “rising tide of sexy, saucy stripping as retro art follows a trend of burlesque going mainstream.” and based on the pictures she decided to attach to her article, associations of burlesque with White, heterosexual, slim yet voluptuous in “all the right places” female sensuality is telling of what society feels comfortable mainstreaming, consuming, digesting, and shows a lack diversity. In Sydney F. Lewis 's article “Women of Color in Burlesque: The Not-So-Hidden-History”, she gives a thoughtful understanding and reason for why women of color who did burlesque had limited documentation. She states that after browsing online for eight hours and flipping through documents containing Black strippers from the 1940s-70s "I have come to the conclusion that, just as I susp...

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... a tremendous showing of just how the neo-burlesque/queer burlesque movement is the polar opposite of mainstream burlesque. From the nun who questions and comically toys with the virgin/whore dichotomy, the fat burlesque performer slowly taking off her silk glove seductively releasing her flesh from her corset, the drag king seducing an audience member on stage, the Chicana performer exploring stereotypes showing the narrow-mindedness of oppressors, to the Black burlesque performer freely using their sexualities unregulated and unapologetically. The movement isn 't just pretty men and women getting on stage and seducing the audience their telling their cultural histories and oppressions to audience members around the world and allow them to question the immensely racist, fat-phobic, ableist, homosexually suppressive cultures and systems of oppression they inhabit.

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