Analysis Of The Movie ' The Night Of My Apartment ' Essay

Analysis Of The Movie ' The Night Of My Apartment ' Essay

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“Please let no one be in my apartment,” Alex chanted quietly to herself as she slid her key into the lock. The shift would have been hectic on a regular day, but the limp from the tussle in the alley made it brutal. The only good thing about the constant rush was that no one had time to notice or comment on her new injuries. She had also made good tips.
The apartment was dark and silent. Alex sighed and flipped on the kitchen light. She put her purse on the counter and kicked off her shoes. She regretted that she hadn’t saved a beer this afternoon to have right now. Still, the quiet, empty apartment was welcome.
Alex’s cellphone started to ring in her purse. The read out was an unknown number.
“Hello?” Alex answered as she limped into the living room and flopped onto the couch.
“Hi, this is Clint Barton,” the voice on the other line said.
“The guy watching my apartment. Nice to finally talk to you,” Alex said with a smile.
“Likewise. Watching the apartment is why I’m calling. Did you just get home ‘cause lights just turned on.” Clint explained.
“I did. Do you want me to call when I come and go or give you my schedule or something?” She didn’t want someone to know where she was at every second. It was annoying and made her feel like she was seventeen again. Her parents had tried to impose a curfew on her and she was gone for three days and almost joined a motorcycle gang. However, she knew that her parents wouldn’t call the SWAT team to kick in her door if she didn’t phone when she said she would.
“You don’t sound like you like that idea.”
“No offence, but I don’t like any of this.”
“You weren’t the one that has been sitting here looking at dark windows for hours.”
“Point taken, but it doesn’t look like there is anythi...

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...n a slow circle. Alex doubted that he would be in plain sight, but her instincts told her that he would come back here. Most of his memories came from his time in Brooklyn. It only made sense that when he came to his senses, he would come here. She walked to a nearby convenience store and bought a pack of gum along with a bottle of Mountain Dew.
She wandered around Brooklyn as long as she could. She was smart enough to stay on the main streets and not checking out the alleys where he would probably be hiding. Finally, she had to admit defeat and walked back toward the subway. As she got to the stairs, she got the sudden feeling as if someone was watching her. Alex stopped and started digging in her bag and she slowly turned as if trying to get more sunlight to see what she was looking for. She didn’t see anyone openly looking at her, but the feeling was still there.

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