Analysis Of The Movie ' The Night ' Essay

Analysis Of The Movie ' The Night ' Essay

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Typical Saturday morning in Benson street, city of Huntington Park: as a kid, there 's nothing special about that day. Just another day to go out with my friends, and have some playing time in the streets. Playing soccer, hide and go seek, and playing marbles outside was all I ever looked forward to doing at the age of 8. I only had 3 close friends I would always be with. Junior, Chava, Oscar who were always together. Having my “buddies” come to my door asking my mom if I can come out and play was the best feeling ever.
“Can Jose come out and play?” asked Junior.
“No he has to help me clean, then he can come out and play as much as he wants” my mom said.
“Aw, please can he just come out right now?” asked Oscar.
“Come back later, he needs to help with chores” my mom had said.
This was the only time I “hated” my mom. Which in reality I loved her, but just hated the fact I had to do chores before coming out and play.
So in order to go out and play I had to help my mom. We did the dishes together, swept the floor, and washed clothes. It was getting late and I was worried about my friends not coming to get me now that I was done with my chores. Where are they? I thought in my head.
I knew they would come, and it was just a matter of time. I was getting frustrated being in my house doing nothing. I kept looking at the clock and noticed it was now 4 o 'clock. At this point I thought they wouldn 't show up, so I turned on the tv and started watching “Spongebob” which was my favorite show at the time.
“Bang..bang...bang!” someone was at the door.
Bursting up I ran to the door, and yes it was my friends!
“What took you guys so long!”
“Sorry dude, we were playing Fifa” Chava responded.
“Alright cool, so what are we going to do?” I aske...

... middle of paper ...

...d ran home. My friends were still cheering for me.
“Hell yeah you put him in his place.” they said.
At that moment I felt like a “badass,” stepping up to a kid that always bothered us was a huge accomplishment.
After that day he wouldn 't say anything to us as he passed us. He wouldn 't even look. Feels good being yourself, and not having to be scared of a certain person. Not only did I do it for myself, but did it for my peers which were in the same position as me. We were being bullied by him. It took some courage and fear to step up to this kid, but I did it. You may lose some battles, but at least attempt and put in some effort to stop what is bothering you.
It doesn 't matter who they are, what they do, or what they say. Stand up for yourself! Don 't be afraid to stand your ground. Do what is necessary to make things right. Be sure and assertive of yourself.

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