Analysis Of The Movie ' The New World ' Essay

Analysis Of The Movie ' The New World ' Essay

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The New World
In the movie The New World, British explores land in Virginia in 1607. Captain John Smith is captured by natives of the land but his life is spared thanks to the tribe’s chief’s daughter, Pocahontas. Later on in the video Pocahontas falls madly in love with John Smith. To Pocahontas’s dismay John Smith was sent back to England to recover from a burn after a gunpowder explosion and also to face accusations of misconduct. Later in life Pocahontas meets John Rolfe and marries him along with have his child. John Rolfe brings Pocahontas back to England with him so she may meet the royalties. Once they arrive Pocahontas come to a cruel reality that John Smith is actually alive. This caused a complication between which man she wanted to be in her and her son’s life. While reading this essay you will learn about Pocahontas’s early life as a child, her life while married to John Rolfe, and her voyage to England.
Born and raised as a Powhatan Native American woman, Pocahontas was born around 1596 in Werowocomoco, Virginia. Pocahontas grew up as one of her father’s favorite children although she didn’t live a carefree life as many people think princesses do. Pocahontas learned how to forage for food, and and build houses to help contribute to her tribe. Like many Algonquian-speaking Virginia Indians of the period, Pocahontas most likely had several names, for use in various contexts. It is said that early in her life she was called Matoaka, but later was known as Amonute. The name Pocahontas was used in childhood as a nickname, which meant “playful one”, this was mostly likely in a casual or family context. Pocahontas met a man from the Jamestown civilization named John Smith, after she saved his life from execution. As Pocah...

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...ia or tuberculosis after boarding the ship back home in March of 1617. Due to the death of Pocahontas the Powhatan and colonists relationship became eroded and caused strain.
As shown in the movie The New World, Pocahontas lives a life of constant battles between happiness and sadness. She struggled through what was right and wrong and whether she should follow her heart of her mind. Pocahontas herself had a inspirational life, starting as an Indian in a tribe and becoming a very important and admirable person in England. Throughout her adolescent life, her romances with John Smith and John Rolfe, and also the voyage to England, Pocahontas was faced with adversity. At her death Pocahontas said, “All must die. ‘Tis enough that the child liveth.” This proves that Pocahontas was in peace when she had passed away because she was content with the life that she had lived.

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