Analysis Of The Movie ' The Film ' Essay example

Analysis Of The Movie ' The Film ' Essay example

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Summary of the Film
The film follows the lives of five children from poor areas in Los Angeles, Washington, Harlem, the Bronx, and a rich area in California. The education system in these sectors was not well equipped for these students to learn. The traditional public school one out of 20 are working the way they are supposed to. The only way to go to those schools is to live in that district but the students that don 't live in the district go to the other schools in their district because they don 't live in that school 's district.
The film goes on and explains the injustice that goes on in the education system in these communities. A major problem they do not address in the film is how the students live in poverty. The majority of the students in the film live in poverty which by these circumstances makes it harder for them to learn. The film also displays how the teachers are not well trained to educate these children. During the movie, they explain the laws and rules that protect these unequipped teachers.
Although the students want better options of learning, so the development of these charter school are supposed to be the solution. The only thing is these schools select a few students. Also, only a few of the charter school are at the top and a hard to get into. So they select the few students by a lottery with random numbers. The acceptance rate is very low. The parents of these children need this opportunity because it can help their kids excel in school. These school help and show their Math and Reading scores, charter school have been proven to make children with the lowest scores in the 30% rate enter the school and can become a part of the 80% rate.
In addition to making the test rate highe...

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...developing status within the groups but is this condition used in the right way. Individualism is supposed to be created but seems more of a way to break into social classes.
They have a lot of school funding but spend it on reaction centers instead of using them to upgrade school supplies. Instead, they are labeling children into groups. By putting children into these school should boost their performance because of the thought they are in a better environment and the exceptions they have to uphold. The exceptions can help determine a child 's way of learning. The teachers hold students above the normal standard, and these kids feel as if they have to succeed above this standard. From the interactionalist perspective, this helps students who are labeled to work harder, but the average student is not labeled so feel they only have to do minimum work to succeed.

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