Analysis Of The Movie ' The Dream ' Essay

Analysis Of The Movie ' The Dream ' Essay

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Stiles had had this dream before. It starts the same every time. He’d be in a beach house. Scott, Kira and Scott’s roommate had gone out, and he was alone. Apart from Malia. She’d be somewhere in the house, he just had to find her. It would be a different place every time.
Sometimes she’d be in the pool, in a tight bikini that left little to the imagination. Or maybe she’d be on the bed in a silk nighty that showcased every inch of her tan legs. She could be on the sofa, completely naked. Where ever she was, she’d be ready, willing and most importantly waiting for him.
Walking through the house, he could hear the sound of water running, the bathroom. When he got there, the room was full of steam so he couldn’t see her just yet. He could see her silhouette, her general outline, just enough to tease, not enough to enjoy.
Sliding back the doors he finally saw her.


Light streamed into their room, waking Lydia up. There was a warm pressure all over her body, as if her arm had fallen asleep. Wiggling her fingers to check, she realised it wasn’t asleep.
Slowly she opened her eyes, taking a second to adjust to the slight, and saw a distinctly masculine arm. It was a nice arm, she didn’t think she’d ever noticed before. But now she wasn’t sure she’d be able to stop.
Weirdly enough she liked being in Stiles arms. They weren’t clammy or sweaty, but provide a comforting warmth. Jackson wasn’t one for snuggling.
She could feel Stiles waking up behind her, his face moving against her hair. She moved around to see his face. For a second they were looking in each other 's eyes, and it was nice. She didn’t even have the slightest compulsion to kill him, which rarely ever happened.
It seemed to take Stiles a second to realise whose body ...

... middle of paper ... disgusted in her life. ‘I’ve never had one. I gotta say I’m jealous,’
Lydia moved her head off Stiles shoulder, and let it rest against the window. Even if it was less comfortable, it made her feel less sick.


Lydia hadn’t said a word to Stiles, since she fell asleep on the bus. Twenty-two and a half hours, and nothing.
As they got off the bus, Lydia spend ahead. ‘Lydia, where are you going?’ he shouted out. ‘Hey, Lydia! Wait up!’ but still nothing. ‘Come on, Lydia, you haven 't said two words to me since Colorado!’
‘See you around,’
‘That’s it?’
Lydia suddenly stopped and turned around, clearly fuming. ‘It’s that what you want? No questions asked? No strings attached? No guilt involved?’ Shit, she knew.
‘Have fun with your sure thing,’ she sneered, before turning around. Her fiery red hair, practically whipping in her face as she stormed off into the distance.

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