Analysis of the Movie, The Dark Knight

Analysis of the Movie, The Dark Knight

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The Dark knight
It’s no joking matter as the knight closes in!

Release Date: 25th July 2008
Certificate: 12A
Director: Christopher Nolan
Starring: Aaron Eckhart, Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman
Batman (Christian Bale) is hoping to hand on his crime fighting duties to D.A Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) yet when Batman’s cards are on the table the twisted mastermind who goes by the name of the joker (Heath Ledger), forces the masked vigilante to go against everything he ever stood for.
Director Chris Nolan considered the audience in his method of filming:
“The film was shot using a wider than usual lens so that it could be shown in I-MAX cinemas nationwide. Today’s audiences want an experience bigger than reality. We have to go that extra mile to give them that something extra.” Chris Nolan also insisted that the film should have a distinctive style which included making the film feel sincerely dark and sinister. Very rarely were the cameras sat still instead the cameras used very technical tricks e.g.: tracking, zoom. This film was originally promoted using a very unique style. Instead of paying for adverts they decided to promote the film using an alternative route. One of the ways this was accomplished was by de facing thousands of fake dollar notes by putting the jokers smile on top of the original face. A sane yet effective way was when many “Batman” recruits placed Joker cads into hundreds of books in libraries to do with death, this had the desired effect as many people became stirred up as to what this meant. The next alternative was to send out spam emails to the site named But when did Batman evolve as part of our lives. It was in 1939 when the world was introduced to a new hero. Bob Kane’s simple vigilante, Batman. The comics were e-introduced during the 50’s period. Yet due to Comic Book Censorship the violence was forced to gradually become weaker. The well anticipated Batman retuned in the 1970’s. Yet to intrigue a wider variety of audience he appeared more complicated and violent than previous comics. Today’s Batman comics show Batman as a real man with realistic and varied dilemmas. Due to these changes Batman is now one of the most original and adored comic book heroes. Nolan’s interpretation is a variety of the previous comics. It includes the violence of the First Batman mixed with the complexity and realism of today’s modern comics.

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Yet the difference from the films perspective is vast. Unlike the 1966 version where everything in Batman seems comical and Batman’s suit is made of what looks to be Latex. Batman has thankfully handed this in for a suit able to withstand almost anything and a huge armoured car. Not only this but Batman’s whole life appears to of changed for instance, in the original Batman he is seen in daylight throughout the film yet throughout the latest film Batman is not seen in daylight during the whole two and a half hours. Another huge change is the fact that in the original Batman the fighting is not very realistic forcing the film to be less dramatic yet in the latest Batman the fighting is extremely realistic and very tense. Not only Batman but the Joker has changed dramatically as well. For instance Cesar Romero plays the joker in a relaxed style making the joker appear more humorous than serious and satanic. Jack Nicholson who played the joker in the 1989 film seemed to be fairly comical yet again not that sinister as to what I expected. In this latest film Heath Ledger does a marvellous job of making the joker seem a satanic, disturbed joker rather than a comic laughable character. The makeup has changed almost as much as the actors, for instance in the previous films the makeup on the joker is always perfectly in place where as in the latest film the Jokers make up becomes faded in parts making him seem more realistic and sinister. Throughout every film though the Joker repeatedly explains his devious plans. The jokers signature laugh appears the same as always yet the phrases seem to of changed. Not only the Joker but throughout the latest film Christian Bale does an impeccable job of playing the Batman, from fighting scenes through to an interrogation scene between the Batman and the Joker. This scene f which Ledge worked with Bale ended up being a rather antagonising interrogation between the Joker and the Batman and this mad Joker. Bale sincerely enjoyed working with ledger as he repeats during an interview. “He was really good company. I really enjoyed it when someone is pushing you to work as much as he did.” Yet a slight criticism is needed for instance Batman’s vast change in voice seems slightly dramatic. Yet even though Christian Bale’s performance is stunning he seems overshadowed by the excellent performance by the late Heath Ledger. The way Heath Ledger licks his ludicrous lips and the way of which he jerks uncontrollably as though he is awaiting death row. This scene alone shows us what Heath Ledger is capable of at his very best.
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