Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' The Crucible '

Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' The Crucible '

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Filled with lust, greed, and corruption, the 1996 film The Crucible, synchronizes the soundtrack with the actions and images displayed on screen in an unusual, yet effective manner. The film’s plot dictates the antagonist, Abigail Williams, as a villainous manipulator and the protagonist, John Proctor, as a heroic honest man; however, the score depicts a paradoxical story because through the use of Abigail’s leitmotif, the audience conforms to a sympathetic and pitiful attitude towards Williams. Thus, portraying Abigail’s character as a misunderstood female lover. The composer, George Fenton, successfully integrates the musical texture of woodwinds and strings into various scenes in order to cast a suspenseful, yet frightening mood to the audience by using a mysterious, and appealing, tone of musical notes. Fenton further demonstrates the juxtaposition of the protagonist and antagonist through the usage of slow, concentrated, and soft instruments, which causes a misleading effect on the characters’ portrayal.
The film opens with intense music played by violins, cellos, and bases, and sounds of girls laughing echoed throughout the drama. The string music is powerful and brash; the scenery is dusky and eerie, while both provide a frightening atmosphere throughout the audience. The gloomy misty woods complete the glorious scenery to shed an eerie and scary beginning. This scene offers an ethereal plot to the movie. As the girls all start what seems to be a spiritual ritual, in which the caster receives a wish, they each ask for a boy’s love. One of the girls, Abigail Williams, decides to murder a chicken and drink its blood in order to wish for the death of John Proctor’s wife and receive John Proctor’s love. This scene initiates ...

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... see that through the sound of popular music.
When an audience hears a slow haunting woodwind playing, they often associate that with evil energy or a muddy vibe. Even varied percussive tones that slap away, both in drums and struck metal, have the most understandable representations of behavior associated with witchcraft. However, in the Crucible, the score associates with sinful lust, which can make a character, like Abigail, be misread. Not all of it is dark, however. We hear the beauty of the day even though we cannot see it, but hear it. At times, we hear soothing rainforest-like sounds that calm the audience at stressful times, which mimics our feelings of Abigail. The application of subtle electronic tones exhibits a technique of purely creepy atmosphere that whines in the treble during moments of suspense and anguish (rephrase or edit or re put it somewhere).

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