Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' The Courtroom '

Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' The Courtroom '

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(1) The movie begins in the courtroom with the judge addressing to the jurors that they must keep their oath and make the best decision for the victim with all of the knowledge that they have received from listening to the case. The jurors are then directed into a small room. Tables have been pushed together in the middle to make one big meeting-like table, surrounding with enough chairs to seat the twelve male jurors. After all twelve jurors are settled into the room, the bailiff/officer locks the door. The jurors shuffle throughout the room, trying to get comfortable. The weather outside is told to be very hot, so most of the men are sweating profusely; the windows were their only source of relief from the heat since they could not get the air conditioner to work.
Juror #1 takes the leadership or “foreman” role and guides the group. He suggests that they sit down in order by their number. After they have sat down, they begin to discuss the case, but it is done very briefly. They then hold an open vote by raising their hands, which results to a 11-1; eleven believe that the suspect is guilty, one man does not. The other men criticize the man who voted not guilty (juror #8). (7) The majority of the men voted guilty, simply to leave. Juror #7 even tells the group that he wants the thing over with so he can go to the ballgame he had tickets for. Juror #8 is irritated with the group because they weren’t treating the case with any care. He clarifies that he didn’t choose ‘not guilty’ because he believed it but because he wanted to look deeper into the case, and make sure that the verdict is correct so they don’t send an innocent man to prison. (3) Juror #8 is very patient with the group, even though most of the group was very disresp...

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...r knowledge of the case only extends to what the court decides to make public or what is being told sneakily, which could easily be faulty.
The jurors have decided on a verdict so they can now leave the room. Instead of the setting changing back to the courtroom, it switches to the jurors in the court halls getting ready to leave, and the movie ends at that point. (8) This took me by surprise because it seemed as if it left the audience on a cliff-hanger since we are so used to everything going back to court, like in most crime shows. (10) Despite the unsatisfactory denouement, I enjoyed the movie a lot. It gave me insight into what could happen in a jury. It also put the use of evidence into perspective for me. It was amazing to see how much the jurors were able to elaborate on, and how using inferences along with facts can change the portrayal of certain evidence.

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