Analysis Of The Movie ' The Best Way For Go See A Film By Screenwriter C. Robert Cargill

Analysis Of The Movie ' The Best Way For Go See A Film By Screenwriter C. Robert Cargill

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Whitewashing in America has been pointed out at almost every turn, yet there are still those who would argue that whitewashing isn’t a problem here. One of their most used reasons behind the claim is that, as it is America, a predominantly white country, they are just playing to their audience. The best way to get people to want to go see a film, is to give them someone to relate to, so why not make the cast of a movie in a predominantly white country, predominantly white? The audience won’t want to go see a film with people of color in them or that are set in a different country, because it doesn’t have any bit of it that relates to them, white people who live in America. If the audiences don’t watch the movies then the studio could lose money, perhaps even have to shut down (Foundas). Screenwriter C. Robert Cargill, argues that filmmakers will also feel pressure to erase characters roots because of the fear of foreign markets not allowing the films distribution. The casting of Tilda Swinton to play a traditionally Tibetan monk known as the Ancient One in Marvel 's Doctor Strange caused some controversy and accusations of whitewashing from fans of the comic books. Cargill stated that the writers and director decided to completely scratch the Tibetan roots because of China’s relationship with the area, and were frightened they would lose that massive media response that they usually get, costing them millions (wong). Doctor Strange went on to gross 44.4 million opening weekend in China, begging the question if this was the best move to make, or if there still could have been a better solution (Tartaglione). While this may be an excusable reason to some, director Ridley Scott’s reasoning behind whitewashing Exodus: Gods and Kings,...

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...he only ones portrayed as successful, and this is the only positive portrayal of black people, young people start to believe they cannot succeed because their skin is darker.
Jobs for minority groups in film are already hard to find, so when the few opportunities that they may have had are taken away, potential actors are discouraged from joining the industry. Asian Americans do not want to play samurai and ghost anymore than black people want to play servants and voodoo men. Hispanic people don’t want to be either the sexy unattainable love interest. People of color have so much more to offer through their talents, but when you grow up only seeing your people portrayed in these roles you begin to become disillusioned with the art form. This leads to a shortage in actors, restarting the cycle and allowing the excuse “there aren’t any actors” to actually become true.

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