Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Teen Wolf ' By Stiles Stilinski

Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Teen Wolf ' By Stiles Stilinski

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Stiles Stilinski is a sixteen year old adolescent from the television series Teen Wolf. He is witty, sarcastic, hyperactive and often blunt. He lives in Beacon Hills with his father who is the Sheriff of the Police department. Stiles starts off the series with only one friend Scott McCall due to their low social status in school. He later manages to build some friendships and even a romance, but his only secure friendship is with Scott.
Stiles has mentioned repeatedly in the series that he was diagnosed with ADHD. I agree with his diagnosis and I believe he should be diagnosed more specifically with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder predominantly hyperactive-impulsive type. Stiles has six of the symptoms listed in the DSM for ADHD. Stiles fidgets very often in the show and is very seldom seen sitting calmly. While he is in class he often is squirming in his seat, chewing on pencils, or highlighting everything in his book with many different colors. Stiles leaves his seat during class many times throughout the show. He sometimes jumps up from his seat to move around the class or just leave class. During the first episode of Teen Wolf Stiles surprises Scott by hanging upside down in front of his house. He spends a lot of time running around or always on the go. Stiles is known for his excessive and often nonsensical talking. He is often in scenarios where his life is in danger and he still talks excessively. He often says that sarcasm is his only defense.
Aside from the DSM symptoms, Stiles displays other aspects of ADHD accurately in the series. He greatly lacks motor skill coordination. He trips over himself and often has his limbs wailing about. Though Stiles is on his school 's lacrosse team he is usually placed on t...

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...tention to the teacher. He also has to take Adderall to be able to focus in class which he sometimes takes. People with ADHD have a correlation with car accidents. Stiles has had three car accidents in the show while driving his jeep. As for behavior issues, Stiles is often seen as immature or annoying by his peers due to his hyperactive nature. Derek, another character and eventual friend of Stiles ', refers to Stiles as a 'hyperactive spaz. ' ADHD has also somewhat affected Stiles ' relationships. He only has one real friend that he 's known for years and considers him a brother. Most of the other characters misconstrue Stiles ' ADHD symptoms as annoying and immature and tend to not hang out with him. It took two seasons before he was able to become friends with Lydia and Derek meaning that they had to get passed the ADHD and get to know Stiles to like him.

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