Essay about Analysis Of The Movie ' Slaughterhouse Five '

Essay about Analysis Of The Movie ' Slaughterhouse Five '

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Slaughterhouse-Five is a novel which has been challenged for its graphic descriptions of events which occurred during the later years of World War 2. There are many other reasons which prompted communities to ban the book such as its anti-religious thoughts and sexual content. Although this book is highly graphic and can be offensive toward some religions, it should not be banned because it shows you the inside of a person who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and it also encourages readers to think differently of how life works and gives historical information about a firsthand experience of being a prisoner of war and a survivor of the bombing of Dresden. Although it is true that it uses graphic imagery and at some points ridicules religion, it is not enough to ban it from being read in schools and from preventing readers from learning the true horrors of war and the effect it has on the minds of those affected by it.
Many communities want to ban this book for the use of explicit imagery throughout the novel but I believe that is a mistake because the imagery used by Vonnegut helps create the effect which makes the book so powerful. It immerses the reader in what the conditions were like for American prisoners of war. The descriptions of death and suffering helps the reader understand how it effects the main character, Billy Pilgrim, and how it changes him. The bombing of Dresden left a tremendous mental scar for Pilgrim which affected him for the rest of his life. To see an entire city annihilated had a tremendous impact on pilgrim, “Absolutely everybody in the city was supposed to be dead, regardless of what they were”. It showed how devastated pilgrim was at the fierce assault which was made by the allied bom...

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...fe. The novel is successful at showing the effects of war trauma while simultaneously being entertaining to keep the reader focused on why all these events which are occurring without chronological order. People today need to continue to learn about the effects of war trauma, therefore it should not be banned especially now since many veterans are sometimes ignored not only by the people but by the government as well.
Slaughterhouse-Five, should not be banned but I do agree that it should be somewhat moderated, even though it has anti-religious thoughts and uses explicit imagery. Younger students should not be allowed to read the novel because it is very violent and graphic, but older students should be able to read it because it offers valuable information on the bombing of Dresden and shows what happens in the mind of a person who has suffered from war trauma.

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