Analysis Of The Movie ' Sister Sisters ' Essay

Analysis Of The Movie ' Sister Sisters ' Essay

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The hit show "Sister Sister" aired between 1994 and 1999 starring Tia and Tamera two twins who were separated at birth and adopted by a different parent. The twins meet shopping at a clothing store in the mall; this encounter leads to the two families becoming one and living under one roof. Despite being fraternal twins, Tia and Tamera are completely different. Tia is extremely literate and from inner-city Detroit, while Tamera is mostly concerned with attractive males and comes from the Suburbs. The sister 's differences are magnified throughout the entire series. Typically, people expect those who come from well-educated and affluent households to be more literate, "Sister, sister, instead debunks this through challenging the influence of upbringing throughout the series. Tia the "smart" daughter is parented by Lisa, the flamboyant who focused primarily on social development as a mother. While Tamera 's father, Ray, focused more on academic feats and literacy. "Sister, sister" suggests that there is no relationship between upbringing and literacy while keeping to cliché gender roles.

According to Rebecca Feasey a lot of research has been done on gender roles in television, but when examining gender roles, male stereotypes are evaluated less. “The topic that has dominated and continues to dominate the burgeoning field is that of gender roles and sex role stereotyping… However, if one considers that the term ‘gender studies’ has until very recently been synonymous with women’s studies, and that literature on the representation of sex in the mass media tends to focus on an examination of femininity and a woman’s role in film” (Feasey,2008). Tamera’s father, Ray is a successful business man who own a limousine company and has prid...

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...oing to stop me from what I came to college for, to party." this established that she has no regard for literacy (still) followed by Tia asking "Tamera when do you plan on studying for you mid-term?". Reestablishing both the girl 's roles as women, but shows that their parents had no influences on the likelihood to value literacy. Tia and Tamera’s experience with literature are not guided by their parents. Also “Sister Sister” keeps to gender roles, in order to give each sister a personality.

In conclusion, Literature in "Sister Sister" is used to differentiate, and maintain gender roles for the twins, but reinforces stereotypes for Ray and Lisa. However, while both parents have dominate gender role qualities the girls didn’t take on their adoptive parents qualities and values, this suggests that upbringing has no connection to a individuals values and behavior.

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