Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Singin '

Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Singin '

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“Singin’ all my songs to bedroom mirrors, deep inside my heart I’m still here.”
Sitting in my friends living room, three of my friends gathered on new year’s eve listening to Andy Biersack. My favorite heartthrob was 25. I carefully watched the screen while tuning into the words.
“We’re always runnin’ away and we don’t even stop to think about it. The world’s in our hands, yeah, they don’t need to understand. We do it our own way, no matter what they try to say about it. We’ve got our own plans, yeah, they don’t need to understand.”
By the time the song finished I was bouncing in my seat with excitement.
Whitney looked at me “That actually wasn’t that bad.”
Danika and Lori nodded in agreement and then we went back to watching some danisnotonfire. Sometime later we decided to watch The Interview. We laughed hysterically at the funny parts but otherwise watched in silence. Midnight rolled by and soon it was after 1 A.M. By this time, we called our ride and were waiting for her to get there.
I went to bed thrilled at the possibility of Andy’s solo project. I forgot about the project after a few months and went back to my normal life.
At the end of 2015 Andy released a date for his album and the excitement came back. He announced tour dates and I eagerly looked at when and where he’d be and Andy would be in Omaha and St. Paul in June. I begged my mom to let me go. Surprisingly she said we could go. I asked my friend to go with and surprisingly she said yes and everything was working out.
June 10, 2016 came around and the friend I was going with said she couldn’t go anymore. Frustrated I went to my other friends, soon enough I got someone to commit to going. Her mom dropped her off at my house that night. The night...

... middle of paper ...

...called Rosa’s, they ordered margaritas and bottomless guacamole. When the food came we dug in and the adult drinks were drank, while the minors were responsible and drank water.
After the bill was paid we walked to Mills Creek and waited in a line to see Andy. I was pretty hard to contain, I was bouncing with excitement and my mom was laughing at me and taking pictures of me being a dork. We made small talk with the people in line but no one was really interested in talking. The twins game let out and not much time later we had twins fans running through the line asking what we were waiting for.
Finally, the line was moving, once we were up front I got X’s written on my hands and my bag got searched for guns or drugs.
Once inside I went to the merch table and bought a tank top after waiting in line for what seemed hours. We managed to strike up a conversation.

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