Analysis Of The Movie ' Silver Linings Playbook ' Essay

Analysis Of The Movie ' Silver Linings Playbook ' Essay

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In the movie Silver Linings Playbook there are two main characters, Pat and Tiffany, whom portray a type of mental illness. Below, I will explain each character in regards to their symptoms and portrayal of mental illness and compare the information discussed in the Abnormal Psychology Textbook.
Pat (Bradley Cooper): In the beginning, Pat was recently discharged from a mental health facility for dangerous aggression after witnessing his wife cheat on him with a co-worker. Personally, it seemed as though Pat Solitano meets the criteria for Bipolar I Disorder. Bipolar Disorder is the tendency of manic episodes to alternate with major depressive episodes, like a roller coaster. (Barlow, D., Durand, M., Stewart,S., & Lalumière, M., 2014, p. 222). To be more specific, Bipolar I Disorder involves major depressive episodes with full manic episodes. Pat portrayed the following of each stage according to the symptoms discussed in the textbook:
(Hypo)manic: poor judgment, racing thoughts, aggressive behaviours, agitation or irritation, increased physical activity, risky behaviour, increased drive to preform or achieve goal, decreased need for sleep, and delusions
Depressive: sadness, anxiety, sleep problems, loss of interest in activities, irritability.
In detail, he has recurrent, full manic episodes that are portrayed throughout the film. Pat’s behavior classifies him to have Bipolar I Disorder because he is hyperactive in many cases and has some depressive moments. For example, the night when Pat wakes up his parents, he talks so fast that he barely takes breaths in between each thought; he talks loudly that causes other neighbors to awake as well. He has hypersomnia as he rarely sleeps, yet feels fine the next day. Pat’s obsession wi...

... middle of paper ... of mine. That said, it was interesting to watch the film again with a different perspective.
It was certainly a breath of fresh air to watch a film that portrayed mental illness with a positive viewpoint. Unfortunately, there are many movies released that portray persons with mental illness as crazy, scary and abnormal. These types of movies create more stigma in society and give people an unrealistic and false perspective of mental illness. They are not strangers nor foreigners, they are people with hopes, dreams and feelings. Personally, I think this film gives hope to those suffering with mental illness and educates society which can help reduce stigma
To conclude, although the movie didn’t portray an absolute “clinically” correct portrayal of mental illness, it addressed it respectively and realistically within an entertaining and enjoyable storyline.

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