Analysis Of The Movie ' Silent Please ' Essay

Analysis Of The Movie ' Silent Please ' Essay

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Silent Please, Charlie
Modern films are something that millions of people enjoy. From going to the theater, to smelling the popcorn, to the comfortable seats, plus the previews of movies coming out that you just “Have to see!”, all followed by the main event: the film. It’s hard for some of us to imagine what life would be like without those moments. We know all the stories, we can quote every line, and tell you everyone who was in our favorite movie. But where did it all start? How did film become such a successful industry in the U.S.? Charlie Chapman is a name you have heard, more likely than not. He was a comedian, an actor, a screen writer, and a director that drastically changed the culture of film in America and throughout the world. Charlie Chaplin is an icon today not due to the fact that he was good actor, but also because of the effect he made to peoples lives.
From the beginning of his life, Chaplin faced hardships of many kinds. His mother was very poor and struggled to make ends meet, let alone feed Charlie and his brother, Sydney. His mother was put into an asylum for a disorder due to syphilis and malnutrition. Their father provided no support for his children causing Chaplin to be sent to the workhouse at the age of seven. He was forced to fend for himself which is a hard thing for anyone to do, especially children. “He started his career in entertainment when he played a paperboy in 'Sherlock Holmes ', which ran from 1903-6 from the age of 14, after which he worked as a mime in vaudeville theatres, until he left London for America. When Chaplin first arrived in the States he joined the Karno pantomime troupe, and toured with them for six years.” (History)
Before infamous universal characters such as Batman or...

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...eing sexually involved with women much younger than him. So, once McCarthy set his crosshairs on Chaplin, he decided to do something about it. The Dictator was a highly controversial film, in large part to the world known mustache that Hitler and Chaplin shared. Government officials used this and many other controversial films by Chaplin to continue to attack him.
There are fewer things that come to mind when you think of film icons, than the notorious mustache and top hat figure of Charlie Chapman. Regardless of all the scandals and accusations that bore his name, Chaplin was pivotal in making film the industry that it is today. His fan base continues to grow even after his death and will continue to grow throughout time. The story of rags to riches is one that will always resonate in our hearts and allow us to truly appreciate Charlie for who he was: A film icon.

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