Analysis Of The Movie ' Shot ' Essay

Analysis Of The Movie ' Shot ' Essay

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Shot 1: Dissolve from a establishing shot of Xanadu into a close-up of Susan working on a jigsaw puzzle. Susan looks up from her puzzle to the direction of Kane’s voice while the camera cranes away from a close-up to medium shot of her. This shot begins a shot-reverse-shot sequence between Susan and Kane.
Shot 2: A cut to extreme long shot of the interior of Xanadu and Kane in the background standing at the archway walking forward. Once again in shot-reverse-shot sequence. There are Egyptian, Greek, and Chinese sculptures in the foreground to middle ground.
Shot 3: A cut to same medium shot of Susan as in Shot 1. Once again in shot-reverse-shot sequence.
Shot 4: A shot-reverse-shot cut to same shot as shot 2. The camera pans to the right as Kane is walking to the right of the screen towards Susan, whose voice you can hear outside the shot. Kane is staying relatively in the center of the shot during the pan. The pan ends when Kane reaches Susan. Kane and Susan are continuing their conversation with Kane standing and Susan sitting. This makes Kane look down at her and Susan look up at him when they are talking. Kane then walks away from Susan, turning his back to her, when she starts talking about going to New York. Kane is then in the background of the shot while Susan is in the middle and the serpent statue in the foreground.
Shot 5: A dissolve into close-up of Susan’s hands while she works on a jigsaw puzzle at a high camera angle. She is working on a puzzle of dinosaurs. Her hands are on the left side of the screen and the puzzle is turned to the left.
Shot 6: A dissolve into close-up of Susan’s hands while she works on a jigsaw puzzle at a high camera angle. She is working on a puzzle of a snowy forest. Her hands are on th...

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...logous to chess pieces that Kane can manipulate. He loves controlling people and the statues are like individuals he can control by placing them anywhere he wants. Kane even dies surrounded by these statues instead of real people. The statues also represents Kane’s materialism. He collects these pieces of art in a huge abundance but he does not even fully understand nor appreciate them. Kane’s statues are seen in multiple shots just randomly placed in no particular meaningful order. Kane even has duplicates of the same statues. Kane keeps these statues in Xanadu, a palace isolated from the outside world, therefore no one can appreciate their art and beauty. Susan’s statement, “49,000 acres of nothing but scenery and statues, I’m lonesome” describes the isolation Kane has created. This isolation allows Kane to have full control over the world he has created in Xanadu.

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