Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Seabiscuit '

Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Seabiscuit '

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Seabiscuit is a movie about struggles, grief and second chances. The movie begins with a teenager that is great with horses. His wealthy parents give him up for someone else when the great depression struck. Leaving him angry at the world and become a drunk and a fighter. On another part of the story, a man starts a business on repairing bikes when he left from a company that assembles bikes. One day, a man arrives with a broken car, he asks if the man, Howard, could fix his car. Howard begins to take apart the car and reassemble it, making it better. It was then that he got the idea of assembling and selling cars. When he had a family and a son, he teaches him how to drive. The son drove off, got hit by a car and died. This left a scar on him. Howard takes a risk and buys a horse that is seen as a failure. When he looks around, he sees a boy that is disturbed as much as the horse and hires him as a jockey. That was when seabiscuit started winning. When Howard became confident, he wanted a one on one race with the Admiral, a race horse of a millionaire from the East.Seabiscuit wins and keeps winning. When a man with a horse asks johnny to take the horse on a ride, johnny says yes but things turn ugly when a tractor made a noise and the horse begins acting wild. The horse gets johnny off and runs, but his leg was strapped. He fractured his leg when he slammed into a wall. To make matters worse, seabiscuit also fractures his leg or hoof. This creates the opportunity for them to bond more.

Seabiscuit heals and is ready to race. This is when Johnny Red comes in with all he’s got. Although he did hurt his leg, he is not planning to stop racing, especially this one. The doctor told him that he could never walk again, but he didn’t l...

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...iscuit changed the people’s lives during the great depression and towards it end. The people who were brought down by the stock market crash, loss of jobs and separation of families found something that they can connect to. The story of Seabiscuit, a horse that was against the odds and who has been through alot. Not only the horse, they also connected to the jockey, who experienced financial and family hardships during the great depression. When seabiscuit won, they felt like a part of them was winning too. Life can have its own struggles but everyone should keep going. Following his or her dreams and working toward it. Everyone should take a chance at every given opportunity and sometimes themselves or others a second chance. After all, as Tom Smith said to Howard, speaking about a hurt horse, “..don 't throw a whole life away just 'cause he 's banged up a little.”

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