Analysis Of The Movie ' School Of Rock ' Essay

Analysis Of The Movie ' School Of Rock ' Essay

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Many modern films revolve around a life-changing event or series of events, or follow a character’s experiences thru a particularly stressful or new situation. The Film School of Rock (Aversano, Nicolaides, Rudin & Linklater, 2003) includes an assortment of these elements, among others, as it focuses on the struggle a rock musician turned substitute teacher encounters as he advances through a rocky stage in his life with the support of his new students.
The film opens as the protagonist, Dewey Finn, is kicked out of the Rock-and-Roll band he performs as a singer and guitarist in after an evening of particularly extraordinary antics results in their performance ending early. During breakfast with his roommates the morning after the aborted performance, Dewey is reminded of his overdue rent payments. As he works to sell some of his musical instruments via telephone, he answers a phone call intended for Ned, one of his roommates. The phone call is from a prestigious private school principal inquiring as to Ned’s availability to work as a substitute teacher, and distraught and overwhelmed by his need to make his rent payments, Dewey then impersonates Ned on the telephone to secure the position.
Dewey’s first day teaching at the Horace Green Preparatory school is met with much confusion as he adjusts to the school’s schedule and methods, and rebels against a system of “Gold Stars and Demerits” designed to reward positive and negative behavior among the students. After hearing portions of a music class at the school the next day, Dewey comes up with an idea to use the class as members of a band, with the goal of beating his former band, No Vacancy, at a Battle of the Bands to be held at a local nightclub. Many conclusions can be reac...

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...them up to achieve the most in their lives cannot be put into numbers, or valued monetarily as a salary, as they devote untold amounts more time and energy into their students success. Many of these educators bring under-utilized thought processes and innovation to the classroom every day, and thus into the minds of their students. Being inspired by two teachers, one of whom led me to pursue my first career goal, the second who inspired me to be the best paramedic I could become, and both of whom I remember fondly to this day, should reflect my belief in an energized and unconventional educational environment. The day will come when I have children of my own, and I only hope they are as lucky as me and have those few special teachers who light a passion deep in them to pursue their goals and be the best they can become in whatever field they may eventually discover.

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