Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Rushmore ' By Wes Anderson

Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Rushmore ' By Wes Anderson

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In the film Rushmore by Wes Anderson, the character’s dispositions are extremely juxtaposed. Sometimes the characters seem to be engulfed by a feeling of emptiness, loneliness and depression. Other times the characters are extremely motivated and determined. Wes Anderson helps generate this emotional atmosphere by using distinctive weather too help set the tone. He uses weather as a metaphor for the characters emotional state. Wes Anderson utilizes weather to show the inner conflict and turmoil inside of the characters that they often never fully express through words. It may appear to just be random at first but upon closer inspection it is clear to see it is done purposefully.
In the opening scene of Rushmore, during Max Fischer’s dream, the weather appears to be sunny, calm and cloudless. The sun shines brightly through the window behind Max Fischer as he is called up to the bored to solve the world’s hardest geometry problem. The tonality portrayed is that of a happy day, in a life fulfilled with purpose and meaning. His fellow students all adore him in his dream as being their savior from mathematics. Max Fischer sees himself as someone people adore and count on; making incredible progress in the field of geometry. TALK ABOUT WHAT THE WEATHER MEANS NOW
Max awakes to find himself in reality listening to a speech given by Herman Blume and when he steps outside of the church the weather remains clear. This calm happy weather persists with his scenes through the intro and even when he meets both Herman Blume and Rosemary Cross. The weather when Herman Blume and Max Fischer meet is sunny and optimistic. This is because Herman Blume see’s Max is fulfilled by Rushmore and has purpose. This gives Herman hope. Herman Blume reveals...

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...nds for his wrongdoings. Over the course of the next couple of scenes the clouds become less grey and morose and more sun appears to come through. This culminates with his final act of inviting everyone to either be in or attend his play. While we cannot know if the sun ever reappears because the play is during the evening indoors. Max makes amends towards all the characters in the film and everyone seems to be relatively fulfilled at the ending. We never really do know though if the sun would come out again though for the film does not show it. So maybe all the characters are left a little empty, or perhaps one can believe that the characters truly found themselves. The ending is left open and ambiguous by Wes Anderson on purpose. The reason being he wants the viewer to think about if the characters are fulfilled, and no longer have a void that cannot be filled.

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