Analysis Of The Movie ' Rudolph ' The Red Nosed Reindeer ' Essay

Analysis Of The Movie ' Rudolph ' The Red Nosed Reindeer ' Essay

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Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is a story we are all familiar with, it captures a moment in time of blatant prejudices and inequality that spanned years from when it was written in 1939 to when it was released as a movie in 1964. However endearing the story may be, it is a testament to what conditions were socially accepted as normal during that time period. Originally written by Montgomery Ward to sell appliances, this story has an explicit lens of bigotry, inequality, and the importance of conforming to society.
From the beginning of the movie with the birth of Rudolph and the discovery of his bright red nose, he was demeaned. Mrs. Donner states we will “simply have to overlook it”, and perhaps “he’ll outgrow it”, Santa sadly retorts “let’s hope so if he hopes to make the sleigh team”. Donner insists they hide the nose so Rudolph will be “a normal buck.” and refers to Rudolph’s nose as a “non-conformity.” They are quick to disguise Rudolph’s nose and hide the truth in order to fit into the social norm. Rudolph’s red nose was so shunned by his father, Donner told him that wearing an uncomfortable wrapping over his nose was “more important than comfort; self-respect, you’ll fit in! Santa can’t object to you now.” His father was so blinded by conformity and race,that fitting in meant self-respect. Rudolph’s nose itself was only accepted when it became useful Santa. “I knew that nose would be useful someday, I knew it”, his father proudly says. They never accepted Rudolph for who he was until his non-conformity severed a purpose.
The bumble who was “mean, nasty and hates everything to do with Christmas” once reformed he becomes humbly conformed. His voice literally pulled out of his mouth when Hermey removes all of his teeth, his ...

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...out of institutions and asylums, and the inequality change for the disabled finally gained momentum. Not until 1970 was the “ugly law” federally repealed and in 1973 The Rehabilitation Act provided federally funded programs and prohibited discrimination on the basis of either physical or mental disabilities. Later a bill in 1975, The Education Act for all Handicapped Children, was passed mandating inclusion in the general education system, a full ten years after the film.
Hermey is perhaps the only character that is allowed to show some growth and be accepted without conforming. When he is told “Now, listen, you. You’re an elf and elves make toys.” He tries to fit in but has the strength to stand up for what he wants. He may be a misfit, but as Hermey says himself, “why am I such a misfit, I am not just a nitwit” as the song continues with Rudolph, they rightly ask:

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