Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Red Square '

Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Red Square '

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As if watching the sun rise from dusk. The mood of each dance performances started off, dark with splices of light, increasing through the performance. Numerous elements from each dance piece, combined to create the mood.
Performed by the University of Houston dancers, Chapman-Dance, and Teresa Chapman, they each evoked different compelling perspectives of modern dance. Dusky and Vibrant theme was evident in each performances through such elements as costumes, movements, and concepts.
I. Body
A. Dance 1
In Red Square, performed by Teresa Chapman, choreographer Becky Valls invites viewers into her own personal box. Darkness until the music began, the red box draws viewers, subconscious mind to the dancer. With the dancers back hunch, arms to her side. Her limbs broke loose, like an egg hatching. The music sounded as escape music in old spy movies. Her black robe could be that her character is a spy. However, the black robe represented, a form of “death.” Not death as in the dancers is dying, rather a piece of her is dead. The scenery set a depressing mood. It was small, to show the dancers confinement. The dancer arms were sharp and swift, with rapid spontaneous movements, as in sense of urgency.
The dancer commence with a timid, restrain, lifting of a foot. Her moves are small, mimicking a mime in a box. She dares, not move to the edge. Her movements were restricted and horizontal, directing the viewer’s eye solely to the five by five box. As the dance progress, she breaks free of her restraints and runs, ducks and dives throughout the small space. She takes off her “death” robe and leaps out of the box, displaying freedom, only to be recaptured. Although, she is back in th...

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... the grace and beauty of the performance. The performance, used simultaneous patterns. The pattern showed the couple from the honeymoon stage to infidelity in their relationship. The man patiently waited for his wife to return, until he found out that she cheated. The most powerful moments in dance was the stillness that the male dancer had when the female dancer left him. It makes the audience think what will happen next. Where did she go? Will she go back? The dancer’s limbs were sturdy and powerful. The amount of kinetic energy encapsulate, the emotionally, yet tender problems between spouses. The flow was free. The dancers shove and pushed each other around.
The choreographer intention was to show how infidelity affects a relationship. The couple started off as extremely close, but grew distance. The distance between them cause the wife to cheat.

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