Analysis Of The Movie ' Othello ' Essay

Analysis Of The Movie ' Othello ' Essay

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“Othello Goes to High School,” (Welsh, 225) is an accurate description of the movie O as directed by Tim Blake Nelson. The O movie is a modification of Othello by William Shakespeare and is set in the 20th century in a high school, where Odin in contrast to Othello is a star basketball star and dating Desi, Desdemona in the play. Hugo, in contrast to Iago in the play is Odin’s best friend and teammate along the son of the coach. Hugo, like Iago pulls the strings behind the curtain which leads to Odin killing Desi because he assumes she is having an affair with Michael, Cassio in the play. This film was critiqued in the Literature Film Quarterly by James Welsh in which he is more critical of the film when he wrote, “Classic Demolition: Why Shakespeare is Not Exactly ‘Our Contemporary’ or ‘Dude, Where’s My Hankie?”, while “Othello: A Hawk Among Birds” by Steve Criniti acknowledges the major departures from the play as good. Although, Criniti states the screenwriter and director stayed “very true to the Shakespearian text,” (Criniti 115) he also identifies several ways the film deviate...

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