Analysis Of The Movie ' One Shot ' All 's Fair ' Love ' Essay

Analysis Of The Movie ' One Shot ' All 's Fair ' Love ' Essay

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One shot: All 's Fair in Love - Written 9/4/16

Summary: Stephanie Patrick is busy helping with Matthew Patrick (MatPat) with research for the latest Film Theory video they were producing. But when Matthew tells her about a possible challenge that they could do on the livestream, known as the Pocky Game, she 's intrigued.

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Your OTP playing the Pocky Game.
Person B thinks it’s romantic until Person A pinches B’s nose until they let go of their end of the stick to breathe.


Stephanie was working on the living room table, helping Matthew sift through research for the latest Film Theory video. With her headphones on, she didn 't hear someone sneaking up behind her until she felt a weight on her right shoulder. She took off her headphones and turned to look who was on her shoulder. It was Matthew, her husband.

Surprised at Matthew 's appearance next to her, she asks, "Yes?"

"Stephanie~" said Matthew in his melodious voice, "remember how we were looking for different challenges to do on GT Live?"

"Yes, I remember," she said slowly, with a bewildered look on her face. "Why do you ask?"

"Because this!" Matthew pulled out a pock of regular Pocky from behind his back. He looked at Stephanie with his big brown eyes.

Stephanie looked at Matthew, confused at what the sight of the Pocky. "I like Pocky too, Matt. But I 'm still confused."

Matthew moved to sit next to Stephanie. "I was checking out Twitter, when some of our fans suggested that we do the Pocky Game on GT Live."

Stephanie closed the computer she was working on. She hadn 't heard about this game, but she w...

... middle of paper ...

... his nose, Matthew looked at her with a sheepish look on his face. "I 'm sorry, sweetie," he said in a nasally voice.

Satisfied with the apology, Stephanie released Matthew 's nose. "I forgive you. But you know, if you didn 't cheat, I would 've won. You know that right?"

Matthew shook his head. "Nope. It would 've been me."

Stephanie rolled her eyes at his statement. "Don 't try to fool me, Matthew Patrick. You did that because you would 've lost otherwise. I know your tricks."

"To solve this, would you be up for a round two?" offered Matthew.

Stephanie thought for a moment. "Alright. But this time, No Cheating."

"No cheating. You have my word." Matthew gave her a light kiss on the cheek. It was his promise to her. Then he grabbed ahold of another Pocky stick and stuck in his mouth, and Stephanie put her mouth on the other end.

"Alright, Steph. You go first."

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