Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Oliver Stone '

Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Oliver Stone '

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Oliver Stone, the son of a Republican stockbroker, volunteered to serve in Vietnam as a combat infantryman (Riordan, p. 24). After his service, he returned home from the war experience quite a disillusioned man as far as the American role and involvement in Vietnam and the other wars was concerned (Hanley, p. 335). Eventually, Stone wrote and directed films that, to a large extent, did not make many people happy. Particularly infuriated by Stone’s films were Republican stockbrokers among whom his family was known and friendly. One such film was the "Platoon," made in 1986 and based on Stone 's experiences. As a young soldier, Stone discovered, under fire, that the reality of the war did not match the publicity campaign back at home and elsewhere around the globe (Riordan, p. 377). “The Platoon” film won two Oscar awards; best director and best picture. The second movie by Stone was “Born on the Fourth of July,” which was about the life of Ron Kovic. Kovic was paralyzed in the Vietnam War and returned home to nothing much. In fact, he realized that America did not care about his participation in and contribution to the war. This film also won an Oscar for best director.
The third film by the same director was "Heaven and Earth," in which starred a woman named Le Ly, role-played by a first-time actress, Hiep Thi Le and her American husband played by Tommy Lee Jones. Supporting roles were played by Haing S. Ngor, Le Ly’s father and Joan Chen, her mother. The film starts with the birth of Le Ly into a tradition-bound society in her family’s rice fields. Unfortunately, her family 's ancestral land is grabbed by the Viet Cong and then by the South Vietnamese and their American advisers. For both sides, the girl is a reward of war on wh...

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...n the war is more enormous than that of 60,000 Americans killed in the war. However, these Vietnamese have never been given the credit of that suffering. Instead, later presidents such as Bill Clinton renewed the sanctions against Vietnam, further fuelling hatred against the Vietnamese. Ironically, the US continued to rebuild Germany and Japan after World War II; countries that committed heinous atrocities on an enormous scale. In the case of the Vietnam conflict, the US has somehow lost its compassion and ability to make amends, pardon, reach out and shake the hand of an enemy and befriend them again (Riordan, p. 244). If all these actions were done to befriend Vietnam again, the USA would become a better country. Although some would treat Stone’s statements and thesis on the Vietnam conflict as political speeches, there could be truth in his stance on the conflict.

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