Analysis Of The Movie ' Myrtle Beach ' Essay

Analysis Of The Movie ' Myrtle Beach ' Essay

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Johnny raced to the main pier in Myrtle Beach, from Surfside Beach, to meet Anna. He arrived at the pier ten minutes prior to eleven o’clock. He stationed himself behind one of the first pillars of the pier, closest to the egg-shell colored sand. Johnny 's feet were getting wet only when the ocean water would rise up to the post where he was. There he was, standing boldly with his blue board shorts on, and his bare, olive-toned, chest pressed up against the, dark, wood pillar. The palms of both his hands were placed close together upon the cylinder foundation of the pier so that they would not show through to the opposite side. Quickly, to keep his mind off his infatuation for her looks, he remembered to pull out his Star of David necklace from his Velcro pocket of his board shorts. Johnny couldn 't see if Anna was coming to the pier or not, but he decided to extend his hand out to flash the symbol that Anna would recognize; the Star of David necklace, gold, quickly shined and sparkled beneath the rays of the sultry sun. He could only hope that she was nearby him because his arm would not hold out forever. A few moments went by. Johnny 's forearm was now bulging with strength from his playful signaling to gain her attention. All of the sudden, Johnny felt the most soft hand slide up his arm. Then yank! Anna pulled Johnny from out behind that wood pillar, but it wasn 't so forceful that her might pulled him alone; he went along with her tug, and he submitted. Before he had a chance to say anything, she piped up, "very clever, Johnny! How did you know I 'd see the star?" Anna stated and asked. "I didn 't! I just hoped you would," replied the eager young man. "I 'm tellin ' ya ', Anna, I didn 't know if you would actually show," excl...

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...ion. There were a few let ups to look into her eyes, then he would kiss her a few more times while placing his hands on the back of her head to make sure his kisses remained steady. These kisses were simple, and just involved lips, no tongue. A body of water was parallel to the mud, so Johnny led Anna to the murky water to rinse off a bit. There was splashing and play fighting before the both of them waded downstream to more solid ground. Wading in the water to more solid ground produced some funny moments. Somehow, Anna was in front of Johnny when he, lightly, pinched her buttocks, and he even, playfully, pulled down her bottoms part way. She just laughed and stated things such as, “Hey! Watch it!” But while trying to warn him of his playing games, she couldn’t help laughing all the way out of the water. His laughs followed hers, but with testosterone filled tones.

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