Essay about Analysis Of The Movie ' Moonrise Kingdom '

Essay about Analysis Of The Movie ' Moonrise Kingdom '

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It is impossible to talk about a Wes Anderson movie without acknowledging its stunning color palettes and quirky storytelling style. In one of his most exemplary works, Moonrise Kingdom, Anderson uses a warm color scheme that blends bright and desaturated colors that ranges from golden yellow, vermillion red, creamy beige, light brown, to even a hint of teal. His color scheme, which is reflected throughout the film’s props, sets, costumes, title design, and camera filters, effectively evokes nostalgia, establishes the summer-like, dreamy mood of the film, and creates a distinct contrast between the different moral values of his characters. However, in the chaotic stormy escape scene and in the costume of Social Services, the visual design deviates greatly from the film’s primarily warm color palette and instead, immerse their visual elements in a deep, dark blue color to show the contrasts in the mood of the story as well as the attitudes of the characters. Overall, Anderson’s visual design accentuates the film’s lighthearted atmosphere and highlights the story’s themes of hope, new beginnings, and the quest for love and family even in the strangest settings.
Before I dissect the two exceptional deviations, I will examine the dominant colors that can be found in every visual element in Moonrise Kingdom: yellow and beige. For example, when Captain Sharp telephones Sam Shakusky’s foster parents, the majority of the props, set, and costumes are infused with the color yellow. In that scene, Mr. Billingsley is seen using a yellow telephone while wearing a yellow flannel and a beige pair of khakis. Additionally, the set is composed of a yellow backdoor, a yellow table, a yellow fridge, and even an unobtrusive yellow fan in the backgr...

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...s their different moral values and illuminates the theme of family relationship and parenthood in the film.
The vibrant visual design in Moonrise Kingdom illustrates the incredible talent and painstaking attention to details that Wes Anderson possesses. Throughout the entire movie, he ensures that his color palette is consistent in all the costumes, sets, title design, and even the most overlooked props within the frame. From creating a nostalgic atmosphere, maintaining his trademark quirky quality, contrasting his characters’ moral values to underscoring the important themes in his film, Anderson ensures that every stylistic choice he incorporates serves a purpose in the story and enhance the overall look of the film. Therefore, his astounding mastery of visual design enables him to produce works of art that are both profoundly meaningful and aesthetically appealing.

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