Essay about Analysis Of The Movie ' Mistresses '

Essay about Analysis Of The Movie ' Mistresses '

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Mistresses is a drama that first aired on ABC in 2013 starring Alyssa Milano as Savannah and her three cohorts living their lives in Los Angeles, CA. The show just recently had its season three-finale episode, which is the one I decided to analyze. The three lead characters are Joss, Karen, and April, with Calista as a co-lead to replace Savannah. In the episode, Joss has just been released from jail, April realizes that she loves her dead husband’s mistress’ brother, Karen’s female lover in her polyamorous relationship dies of cancer, and Calista is assumed to have committed suicide. One major aspect of the show is the social status of the characters, specifically how the wealthy are portrayed. Mistresses socializes the wealthy as also being people who do not always get their way at times, although it may seem like they do because of all the money they have.
There are only two characters that are seen as wealthy on Mistresses. The first is Calista who is a famous fashion designer. The second is Alec, the male in Karen’s polyamorous relationship, who is a well-known physician. Due to the fact that there are only two wealthy characters and all of the others are seen as middle-class, the ratio is quite uneven. This is relatable because there are less upper-class citizens than there are middle-class people in the current world as well. Calista is a lead character due to the fact that Alyssa Milano’s character left the show, but only for this season. She did not appear on the first or second season but was a prime character on season three. Alec on the other hand is in Karen’s storyline and he is a minor character. He does not appear in every episode and is not important to all characters except for Karen and his wife Vivienne.

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... a large and important message to society about their unfortunate events. It may seem as if the rich and the famous do not see or feel the consequences of everyday life, but it is clear that in this show they do. Mistresses socializes opinions on the wealthy very easily with Calista becoming a co-lead on the third season, it gives an inside look at her “perfect” world and exactly how it crashes down. Television programs socialize views much more than I thought. Watching TV involves you directly in the show and you see every aspect of what is happening in each character’s life. This allows the audience to relate, empathize, and understand each character for who they are. Television does this on purpose in order to engage the audience and keep their attention, while showing them unique interpretations of each aspect that adds to what is seen in their lives every day.

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