Analysis Of The Movie ' 8 Mile ' Essay

Analysis Of The Movie ' 8 Mile ' Essay

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Curtis Hanson created a masterpiece awarding him an Oscar, a Golden Globe nomination, along with 9 other awards and 18 other nominations. 8 Mile was one of the best movies of 2002, and remains in IMDB’s top 5000 movies of all time. Hanson tells the story of B-Rabbit, a rapper from the wrong side of Detroit’s 8 Mile. The story is loosely based off of famous rapper Eminem’s life. If you listen to Eminem’s music and wondered what a movie version of his music would be like, this movie may be for you.
B-Rabbit, played by Eminem, is a wannabe rapper from Detroit. He has some problems though: he dumps his girlfriend after discovering she is pregnant; to save money and make a demo tape, he moves into his alcoholic mom’s trailer; he hates his job; and he just choked at the local rap battle. If you listen to Eminem’s music, you’ve heard about his wonderful and faithful ex-girlfriend Kim (Alex). If you’re not familiar with Kim, Eminem explains his feelings for her very well in the song “Kim,” off of his third studio album “The Marshall Mathers LP.” Things begin to look up for Marshall when he meets Alex, an aspiring model who dreams of modeling in New York. Obviously, Alex is meant to loosely represent Kim. Just when it seems as though things were looking up, Alex cheats on Rabbit, his mom rejects him and kicks him out, he fights with his friends, and rival rap groups mug and trash talk him. Eminem raps about how he used to always get robbed and his house would get shot up, and we see in the movie how that worked out for him. Things especially take a turn when B-Rabbit’s friend, Cheddar, accidentally shoots himself in the leg while trying to scare off a rival rap group. Rabbit’s group, 313, begins trying to find ways to beat “Free ...

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... make this movie perfect for those that want to watch a heartwarming film about determination and hard work. Hanson is able to almost perfectly capture the image Eminem portrays in his music, about his mother and friends and being an underground rapper. The first time I watched 8 Mile, I was already a huge Eminem fan. The movie accurately portrayed the image I had in my head of what Eminem’s life could have resembled. The 8 Mile soundtrack is critically acclaimed to this day. The clever writing of the rap battles and the way the music always fits the scene makes the soundtrack among the best movie soundtracks ever. In fact, the soundtrack was so good, it is still one of Eminem’s best selling albums to date. Hanson shows that Rabbit’s life mistakes could end up, in the end, working out to his benefit. “The legend of the angry blonde lives on” thanks to Hanson (Eminem).

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