Essay about Analysis Of The Movie ' Madea 's Family Reunion '

Essay about Analysis Of The Movie ' Madea 's Family Reunion '

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Madea’s Family Reunion
In the beginning of the movie Madea’s Family Reunion by Tyler Perry, we start off with Lisa waking up with flower pedals leading up to a bath with professional violinist playing in the background. What seems to begin as a story of richness and happiness soon becomes the opposite.
Lisa is engaged to marry Carlos, an investment banker. Carlos has an abundant amount of money that he uses to get the things he wants. We find out that this rich man is in fact not rich at heart because he regularly beats Lisa. Lisa obviously wants to get out of this abusive relationship but we find out why exactly she cannot leave.
Aside from Carlos threatening to kill Lisa if she leaves, there is another factor in her life that hinders her from doing so. The entity that deprives Lisa of the happiness to leave Carlos is her mother. When Lisa speaks up to her mother about Carlos beating her, the mother, Victoria, states that Lisa “must stop doing what [she] is doing to make him upset”. This is extremely and out of the character of a mother to tell her child to stop making a man upset so they can stop beating their daughter. Many women would tell the person that is getting abused, to leave that person. When Victoria told her daughter this, she was obviously taken back. Her mother actually encourages her daughter to go on with the wedding even though this man is hurting her baby girl.
A bit later in the movie we meet Madea, an elderly lady who has ran into trouble with the law because she took her house arrest bracelet off. In order to keep from going to jail, the judge gave her the ultimatum to either foster a child in her house or to end up in prison. Madea ended up taking in a foster child, Nikkie who has a horrible attitude and...

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...r her to stand up for herself. When Madea exits the kitchen Carlos strikes Lisa in the face, sending her flying into the stove where a hot pot of grits were boiling. Lisa then flings the grits onto Carlos and begins beating him with an iron pan. Madea laughs outside, showing that she is proud of Lisa for standing up for herself and giving Carlos a taste of his own medicine.
Moments later, Lisa and Vanessa arrive at Lisa’s wedding venue. Lisa explains to her guest that she will not be getting married due to being abused by her fiancé on a regular basis. With all of the wedding planning going to waste Frankie steps up and asks Vanessa to marry him. Vanessa and Frankie then get married in the church Lisa was supposed to wed Carlos in. After the wedding Victoria confronts Vanessa after seeing how happy Frankie makes her. Victoria and Vanessa hug and possibly make up.

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