Analysis Of The Movie ' Living Out Loud ' Essay

Analysis Of The Movie ' Living Out Loud ' Essay

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After watching the movie, Living Out Loud, I was fairly surprised about the sociological issues I found myself pointing out through out the whole film. Every since I have been a sociology major student I find myself pointing out these issues more often than ever before. The basic summary of plot of this film centers on the life of Judith Moore and he attempted at finding out who she is after a divorce from a 16 year old marriage. With the assistance of a club singer named Liz and the elevator operator man from her Fifth Avenue apartment, Patt, Judith tries to pick up the pieces of her life and to become something more in life. As Judith strives to find herself, she must adjust to her newly single lifestyle for being a middle-aged woman and overcome certain obstacles in order to be happy again. One of the problems in todays’ world is defining one’s self in our society without having to give some sort or explanation of why or who you’re with. How can you still be your own individualistic self but share that in a relationship at the same time? This film provides several examples of why this is a problem and how relationships have become more than just about sharing with your intimate partner but also having to share with society itself.
There was one scene in the movie where Judith was sitting by herself at a small dinner table and she was reading a book. As she looked around, all she could see were couples or groups of people interacting with each other all the while she sat alone reading. Then a woman approached her to talk about the book Judith was reading. They seem to really have a conversation between two people and it was a little more than just small talk. Once the conversation was over the lady left to her table with her c...

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...ling that she had the perfect life. Judith put her entire life on pause just for her husband to become something. Once Judith and her husband split up she was left with nothing other than her apartment while Bob was able to find another women whom he felt he could have a future with. She stopped looking for her own self to enter a relationship with a guy whom did not help her return to that process but instead let her do nothing. This in return out a strain on his views in the relationship because then he lost interest in his wife. He ended up finding common interests with another woman. This makes for relationships to become more increasingly risky on our society today because dependency does not always make the relationship stronger. In fact it can make it even worse when people do not pursue what they like and try to find themselves outside of their relationship.

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