Analysis Of The Movie ' Last Ounce Of Courage ' Essays

Analysis Of The Movie ' Last Ounce Of Courage ' Essays

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Life in Mount Columbus changes a lot throughout the film Last Ounce of Courage. In the beginning of the movie, the Revere family is depicted as a happy family who is struggling with the fact that their son has decided to fight for the freedoms of American citizens. Once, gone to war, the family’s coping mechanism was sending and receiving letters and videos from their soldier. The Revere family was thankful for what their soldier fought for, but grieved when he passed. As a result of Mount Columbus taking their freedoms for granted, Mayor Bob Revere’s grandson stands up and decides to take a stand for what his dad and grandfather Bob Revere himself fought for. Bringing Christmas back to this town is a major aspect of this movie, but getting there is the hard part. Last Ounce of Courage is a good movie because it takes the elements of family entertainment and depicts a faith based family movie; many, however, may not agree with some elements in this movie.
Last Ounce of Courage shows that depression is real. Depression is not just some little common cold or a virus that you have for a few days and it is gone. Depression hangs a curtain over your eyes and causes your views in life to be marred. In this movie, Bob Revere battles depression after losing his son at war. Throughout the first part of this movie, Revere’s daughter-in-law and grandson move out when he needs them the most. Bob Revere gives up on what he believes in, puts away his motorcycle, and lets what he and his fellow soldiers fought for be taken for granted when he takes the office of mayor in the town of Mount Columbus. Revere becomes so calloused in his current mindset and actions that when his grandson suggests otherwise, it is considered blasphemy. As a result o...

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...ight. One thing led to the next, and eventually the majority of the city was covered in Christmas decorations and the true meaning of Christmas was being displayed for all to see.
Our freedoms as American citizens are taken for granted every single day, and we often cower down from standing up for what we believe in because we are scared someone is not going to agree with us. When in reality, not everyone will agree with us on everything; it is just our responsibility to stand up for what we believe in. The movie Last Ounce of Courage shows viewers that depression is a real problem, freedoms men and women fight for on a daily basis are important, and having a firm belief system is vital. However, not everyone agrees. True freedom, however, comes as a result of being willing to fight for what you believe in and battle through whatever situation you have been given.

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