Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Jeannette 's '

Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Jeannette 's '

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Even though it’s hard to mend broken pieces, it is possible for parents to build strong children despite the problems they face. Jeannette becomes an independent girl inspire of her parents lack of attention which makes her fend for herself.


Jeanette had somewhat of an usual childhood compared to other kids in the United States. Where most kids don’t have to worry about if there are going to school or the money problems that come up, nevertheless Jeannette has to worry. Jeannette have to deal with her self center mother , her eccentricity father , her older sister that does not protect her and her brother that give up almost everything for her. Jeannette overcome it all and become the strong woman that all reader will believe she is .

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Can parents raise stronger children when they are dealing with their own problems? Yes, but not the way some might think. Jeanette’s mom, Rose Mary Walls, was a narcissist and her dad, Rex Walls, an alcoholic, what did they do that made jeannette a strong woman when she grew up? Nothing. She was always either ignored or told to do it by herself. One time she asked her mom, “You can 't quit your job… we need the money." Her mom replied, "Why do I always have to be the one who earns the money?..... You have a job. You can earn money. Lori can earn money, too. I 've got more important things to do.” This quote suggests that not only did Rose Walls not care about what her children wanted, but she also cared only about herself. Whether this was intentional or not, Jeanette realized that She would have to fend for herself. As she states, “I had been counting on Mom and Dad to get us out, but I now knew I had to do it on my own....

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In conclusion this prove that raising a child is possibilities for parents that are repairing themselves at the same time. On the ground that we can put all the blame on the parent when there are no guilds for being a well parent stated by Jennifer Senior.Specifically Senior claimed that no matter how long you had been a parent it still feel like a crisis . Therefore parents that has to deal with a changes of life may end up in a crisis but their child will be strong because they understand the crisis that their parent goes through for them. In the end children will know how to deal with does crisis situation if it ever pop up in their life as parents . That is what Rex and Rose did with there many mistakes that taught Jeannette and her siblings what to do, what not to do and how to raise a family making them stronger than other children in the United States.

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