Analysis Of The Movie ' Jack ' Essay

Analysis Of The Movie ' Jack ' Essay

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In the beginning of the movie, Jack has rationalization because he is projecting the lack of self-respect onto his callers. For example, a caller is talking about how her husband keeps finishing her sentences and does not listen to her. Jack begins to finish her sentences and then states someone should hit her on the head when she mentions that Jack hit the nail on the head. This shows Jack inability to show empathy and avoidance of his own feelings. Jack also shows displacement several times in the movie. First time is when he is telling Edwin the caller by raising his voice, that is it us against them. Jack does not see the yuppies, as he calls them, a higher class of people, but a nuisance to society and needs to be dealt with. Jack displaces his angry towards his callers. Jack also shows displacement by being condescending to his girlfriend, Anne and criticizes the patrons of her movie store. Jack openly speaks his mind to the customers no matter how rude or damaging he might be. Jack also has undoing. Jack displays undoing by trying to help Parry. Jack not only wants to help Parry by giving him money, Jack wants to help Parry find love again. Therefore, Jack assists Parry on a date with Lydia, the lady who has stolen Parry’s heart. Not only does Jack set him up on the date. Jack dresses Parry and does a double date with Parry so he does not have to worry about paying for the date. Once the date is done and Jack sees that Parry is happy identification takes place because Jack believes that his personal goal for Parry is met.
Parry’s world is destroyed when his wife is murdered. Parry develops repression due to the murder. Anytime, Parry begins to think about his wife or begins to have happiness the Red Knight appears and Pa...

... middle of paper ...

... appeared. The Red Knight would cause Parry to would regress and with the Red Knights finally appearance it caused Parry to go into another catatonic state until his mind was able to reset to a more normal hemostasis pattern.
Nature and nurture are both needed to work together for all behaviors. The relationship between nature and nurture is complex and it is nearly impossible to distinguish between which behaviors are influenced by nature and which are influenced by nurture. In order for a mental disorder to develop there needs to be a genetic predisposition present and an initiating external stimulus to prompt the beginning of a mental disorder. Due to complexities of both nature v nurture there is no simple systemic way to dissect the complexities. External and internal influences are needed to work together and against each other to cause the mental disorders.

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