Analysis Of The Movie ' Hyde Park ' Essay example

Analysis Of The Movie ' Hyde Park ' Essay example

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Chicago is full of dope dips of diversity across the city. Smack dab in the middle of the south side is Hyde Park. Hyde Park is a community full of students, residents, and commuters. Businesses are lined and stacked up and down 53rd street. The historic neighborhood is full of fine dining, dope retail shops, and Yusho. Yusho is a Japanese grill, that cooks and creates dishes from all around the world. On this day, Hyde Park was busy as usual. People coming and going from left to right. Making her way through the rushy crowd was Chicago Hip Hop artist Chin Chilla Meek. Meek bounced and bopped her way to Yusho to dine and discuss with Whatupwindy.

In Chicago, Chin Chilla Meek is well respected and recognized. Her precise bars and dope flow landed her on MTV as a “Sucka Free Chicago Artist”. The “Harvey World” rapper is a wizard with the pen. Her bars bounce with melody and velocity. Meek and her stellar producer Novacane have magical chemistry that brings her tracks to life. The music packs as much integrity as she does. She is true to the art and craft of Hip Hop. Chin Chilla Meek ...

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