Analysis Of The Movie ' House Of Cards ' Essay

Analysis Of The Movie ' House Of Cards ' Essay

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During the first scene of House of Cards, the viewers are given their first impression on Frank Underwood. Frank walks out of his house to the sound of a crying dog that has been hit by a car. He approaches the dog alone and gives a monologue to the audience. Frank mentions how he has no time for useless pain and he is one that likes to take charge by finding a solution. He then begins to snap the dog’s neck. This simple monologue sums up Frank’s ruthless and dominant personality throughout the show. This scene is just one of the many scenes that represent how Frank does not let anything stand in his way, especially women.
House of Cards takes place in Washington D.C. during current times. The show depicts the life Frank Underwood and how he strives to accomplish his goal of political dominance while his wife Claire aids his journey. Frank is a member of congress who is seeking the presidency after a long awaited career. Frank, however, allows nothing to stand in his path to the throne. He will do what ever is required of him to reach his goal, even if it means committing acts of violence and murder towards his colleagues and friends.
This show may have won countless awards and attract millions of viewers, but there is still a problem at hand. Frank has minimal respect towards women. Throughout the show, Frank succumbs to many male dominant stereotypes. He shows dominant male stereotypes over women with manipulation and violence.
In the second episode, Frank makes his first vicious attack on another politician while using a woman to take his blame. Frank wanted to make a statement after he was not elected secretary of state. Frank was put in charge of going over an education reform bill with another politician Donald Blythe. ...

... middle of paper ... just because his character is the protagonist in the show. This man should, realistically, be the enemy. Our society needs to do a better job in developing a stronger hatred for characters that commit such acts on television. This show is taking place in current times. This means some viewers may justify these actions through this show. A writer explains, “They must be ‘cultural dopes’ who can’t tell that what they are being fed is an up-dated for of opium of the people”(Duncombe 186). This quote represents those people who fail to acknowledge the stereotypes in House of Cards. Gender inequality is clearly evident, yet people still are amused by the show. Dominant male stereotypes of superiority over women are shown through manipulation and violence on females on this show. Society must work on avoiding these and start making shows that represent gender equality.

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